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World Bases are Bases that exist in predetermined locations in the world, unlike the Forward Bases and Bunker Bases.

Players can respawn and rearm there.

When a new war begins, a few World Bases start in the 'destroyed' state. They can be rebuilt with a Construction Vehicle. By rebuilding a base a faction claims it for themselves. During the war, one faction may take an already claimed base from the other by destroying and rebuilding it.

World Base Types[]

  • Static Base MapIconStaticBase1.pngMapIconStaticBase2.pngMapIconStaticBase3.png : A building at the center of towns (often called Townhall), defended by nearby Garrisoned Houses and Safe Houses. It can be upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and 3.
  • Victory Base Town Hall Map Icon.png: Static Bases that count towards the Win Condition
  • Relic Base MapIconRelicBase.png: Ancient stronghold with automated defenses included that shoots enemies if the Small Garrison Upgrade is unlocked.
  • Safe House MapIconSafehouse.png: Special Garrisoned Houses in predetermined locations inside towns that serve as backup bases to a Static Base.
  • Keep Map Icons Keep.png: A strong circular stone structure with no active defenses.