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World Bases are Bases that exist in predetermined locations in the world, unlike the Forward Bases and Bunker Bases.

Players can respawn and rearm there.

When a new war begins, a few World Bases start in the 'destroyed' state. They can be rebuilt with a Construction Vehicle. By rebuilding a base a faction claims it for themselves. During the war, one faction may take an already claimed base from the other by destroying and rebuilding it.

World Base Types[]

  • Town Base MapIconTownBase1.pngMapIconTownBase2.pngMapIconTownBase3.png: A base at the center of towns (often called Townhall), with automated defenses in the windows that shoots enemies if the Small Garrison Upgrade is unlocked. It is also defended by nearby Garrisoned Houses and Safe Houses. It can be upgraded from Tier 1 to Tier 2 and 3.
  • Victory Base Town Hall Map Icon.png: Town Bases that count towards the Win Condition
  • Relic Base MapIconRelicBase.png: Ancient stronghold with automated defenses included that shoots enemies if the Small Garrison Upgrade is unlocked.
  • Safe House MapIconSafehouse.png: Special Garrisoned Houses in predetermined locations inside towns that serve as backup bases to a Town Base.
  • Keep Map Icons Keep.png: A strong circular stone structure with no active defenses.
  • Border Base MapIconBorderBase.png: Bases that appear near frontier borders that allows forces to gain a foothold into enemy regions.