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Wind affects the trajectory of Artillery and Mortar shells. Shells are deviated a certain distance in the wind's direction. This deviation doesn't change with artillery range, it is the same whether it fires 50m or 300m away. The direction and relative strength of the wind can be observed on all flags in the game, such as on the Watch Towers or Pillboxes. The wind can change every couple of minutes, and even more often and more erratically during a Snow Storm.

5 levels of wind strengths can be observed on the flags:

Flag Wind Strengths.gif

Snow Storm[]

Snow storm event.

A snow storm is a weather event which introduces new game mechanics.

  • Vehicles will freeze if their engine is off. How cold a vehicle is is represented by snow accumulating on it. The only way to warm a vehicle is to park it next to a Fire Pit.
  • Players will slowly take attrition from the cold when exposed or outdoors. Warnings will appear with the message "You are getting cold" and a small temperature icon Cold Status UI Icon.png under the stamina bar. A few minutes later the icon will turn blue Freezing Status UI Icon.png and a message will appear which reads "You are freezing to death". You will shortly thereafter die from the cold. You can avoid the cold by staying in a Trench or inside a building (Safe House) which will slowly warm you ( Slow Warming Status UI Icon.pngicon). But the only way to warm up your body quickly is to go near a Fire Pit, it will show you a red thermometer icon Warming Status UI Icon.png.
  • Most bodies of water will freeze over, allowing travel across it even with vehicles
  • Infantry and most vehicles will move slower when off road.

Rain Storm[]

  • Unpaved roads will turn to mud which slow vehicles and players. Only certain specialized vehicles are not affected.
    • Mud will additionally collect upon the player Muddy Status UI Icon.png, adding encumbrance to the player for a maximum of 50% encumbrance.
    • Players can remove the mud by swimming in water.
  • The range of Intel gathering structures like Watch Towers will be reduced for the duration of the storm. From a radius of 80 meters to 60 meters, then to a radius of 40 meters when the storm is at its maximum intensity.