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War Games was a game mode often hosted every Saturday on a Skirmish map, where special modifiers were activated that changed the game in one or more ways.

The first War Games was on October 12, 2017; the last War Games was on February 3, 2018.

Modifier List[]

  • No Man's Land - Outposts and Barracks are unavailable
  • PvP - No AI inside structures
  • Explosive - Sulfur respawn rate is accelerated
  • High Tech - Technology Part yield rate is accelerated
  • Town Fortress - Only structures near Town Halls will be manned by AI
  • Engineers - CVs can be used to build any structure
  • Extra Labor - Manufacturing yields more resources for the lower populated faction
  • Take Cover! - Howitzers are available at Technology Level 1
  • Supply Line - Defensive structures can be built anywhere, but require Garrison Supplies
  • Refinery - Sulfur respawns quickly, but must be processed at a player built Refinery
  • Beach Head - Barges can lower ramp at any location
  • Certain Docks and Shipyards have ladders that allow players to climb out of water
  • Encampment - Players can build Campsites, but not Outposts (Campsites act like a single player spawn point)
  • Stronghold - Town Halls are twice as resilient against all damage