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War 67 featureed a west side of map, with 3 Mass Production Factory in both faction's backline regions. With the starting date being 2020-12-17, there was a Christmas truce as well as a Chirstmas offensive,

Course of the war[]

Struggle in Farranac Coast[]

Oarbreaker Isles offensive[]

Linn of Mercy offensive[]

Colonial capture Deadland[]

Surprise landing in the Moors[]



There was a sales of 40% off of the game, bringing new players. Despite the waves of new players, this war saw a major faction population advantage on the Colonial side, resulting in frequent global queue and long respawn timer for Colonial players.

Date Colonials Wardens
17.12 128 142
18.12 1106 1561
19.12 1575 1490
20.12 1474 1599
21.12 1428 1478
22.12 1000 1480
23.12 1016 1173
24.12 1058 2105
25.12 769 1261
26.12 1185 1293
27.12 1485 1358
28.12 1192 1409
29.12 1174 1390


  • There was a server crash in The Linn of Mercy, both sides lost vehicles due to server roll back and caused salt on both sides. Most vehicles were later recovered.
  • Clans showing off their kill counts on Reddit resulted in parodies making fun of the kill counts.
  • Both Rebellion and Offensive were bugged and repeated displayed and confused both sides.
  • The resistance mode after the war was cut short to less than 24 hours due to not wanting new players from sales to wait.

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