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Starting condition[1]

Sigil bot's total report


War 64 saw the return of west vs east map. After Warden's 6 winning streaks, some Warden clans switched to Colonial side for War 64. This war saw the Colonials finally breaking Warden's winning streak. Despite Mechs also enabled this war, none saw combat due to the war also ending early like War 63.

War 64 started with a general offensive by the Colonials in all three contested regions. Mid war, along with the capture of Shackled Chasm by the Colonials, also captured the Wardens' only Mass Production Factory, crippling Wardens' war material production. Warden mounted a counteroffensive afterwards, saw some successes in The Drowned Vale but they were soon repelled by Colonials. The final showdown took place in Allod's Bight with both sides fielding numerous Light Tanks and Half-tracks which was captured on video by Duri89.


final showdown in Allod's Bight

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