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A basic barrier that is used to prevent passage through an area.
In-game description

A Player built passive defense that blocks movement.


The Wall is a defensive structure designed to block enemy movement. It is built with a Hammer. Its length is chosen by the player during construction (between 3 and 10m). Its health is independent of its length. It comes in three tiers.

Tier 1 Wall-T1Icon.png is a cheap and fairly weak see-through fence that cost only 15 Basic Materials. Bullets and hitscan Shells (30mm, 40mm, 68mm AT) can pass through it, only the fence posts at both ends can block them. It can be instantly destroyed by vehicles running through it (except Bicycle and Motorcycle). It can be damaged with 12.7mm machine guns.

Tier 2 Wall-T2Icon.png is a wooden wall and is the most commonly found wall due to its good durability and low 30 Basic Material cost. It blocks your view and can't be run over by vehicles. Only Heavy Explosives can destroy it.

Tier 3 Wall-T3Icon.png is a very sturdy concrete wall, requiring 25 Concrete Materials which takes 24 hours to cure. The wall is far more fragile the wetter its concrete is. Once dry however it will take a lot of Heavy Explosives to destroy it. Only the heaviest explosives present a real threat (Alligator Charges).


  1. Equip your hammer and press B to open the build menu.
  2. Select the Wall option
  3. Rotate the blueprint with RMB
  4. Hold Shift if you don't want your wall to automatically attach to other walls
  5. Place the first end with LMB
  6. Move your mouse to change the length of the wall and press LMB to place the other end.
  7. Hit the blueprint with your hammer until completion (must have the required construction material in your inventory).

Walls must be built on ground that isn't too steep. They also can't be built on Beaches, Bridges, Roads, or rocks. If you want a wall across a road you'll have to build a Gate instead with a Construction Vehicle.


  1. Equip your hammer
  2. Switch it to "Upgrade Mode" with F
  3. Aim at the wall and press E
  4. Hit the blueprint with your hammer until completion (must have the required construction material in your inventory).



  • Walls and Gates of the same tier have the same health.