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An old war Mesean rifle. It boasts high stopping power, but not as accurate as its modern variant. A weapon of legend, the Howling Lions wielded the Volta during their raid on the beaches of Fisherman’s Row.
In-game description

The Volta r.I Repeater is a Colonial Heavy Rifle.


It can use a bayonet and carries a clip size of 8 rounds. The reload is relatively slow, so you have to be careful when reloading or you will be quickly eliminated. The rifle itself has a decent range and great damage, to the point that at a close enough range it will drop an enemy in a single shot. Another weakness though is its slow fire rate, meaning that it can be ineffective against multiple enemies.

The Soldier Uniform reduces the Volta's Encumbrance from 20% to 15%.


  • The Volta was originally introduced to the game as a Relic Rifle that could be found in Relic vaults.
  • In poetry, a Volta is a non-sequitur lyric that alters the poetic structure and theme of a verse. The Volta is particularly common in the poetry of the European renaissance.
  • The Volta appears to be a lever-action rifle with an internal box magazine, perhaps inspired by the Winchester 1895. The tubular receiver is more reminiscent of a Remington Model 8