Viper Pit

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Viper Pit
Map Viper Pit Hex.png
At the crest of northern Caoiva lies Fort Viper, a storied fortress harboring grisly secrets. Perched above the frigid Nimh Lake, the castle has drawn a long shadow over the city of Kirknell for centuries, shielding it from the ravages of war.
Foxhole Devblog

Viper Pit has been added with Update 0.26. The map features a mix of different styles of gameplay: urban, bridge combat, mountainous terrain, elevation. Fort Viper is surrounded by ruined fortress walls that can be climbed and used in defense of the city, or as a checkpoint during an assault.

Map[edit | edit source]

Viper pit -w icons & locations.png

Named Locations in Viper Pit[1][edit | edit source]

  • Afric's Approach
  • Austriaca River
  • Blackthroat
  • The Bloody Bowery
  • Deadsteps
  • Earl Crowley
  • Earl's Welcome
  • Fleck Crossing
  • Fort Viper
  • The Friars
  • Hardcaps
  • Kirknell
  • The Lady's Lake
  • Lake Mioira
  • Moltworth
  • Path of the Charmed
  • The Rockaway
  • Serenity's Blight
  • The Slithering Scales
  • Snakehead Lake
  • The Tongue
  • Twin Fangs
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