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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.42) of the game.

Foxhole offers a wide variety of vehicles and ships for the players to use.

General Info[edit | edit source]

With very few exceptions, all vehicles are produced by players in certain places, at the cost of Basic Materials or Refined Materials depending on the vehicle type. Damaged vehicles can be repaired with a Hammer and Basic Materials.

There are no collision damages in Foxhole, but non-amphibious land vehicle will be destroyed if they fall into deep bodies of water.

There are two types of fuel in Foxhole: Diesel Diesel.png which is common and Petrol Petrol.png which is rare. Both can be used in every vehicle.

Vehicles can be stored in a Storage Depot or Seaport.

Most land vehicles can be packaged to then be lifted by a Crane and transported on a Flatbed Truck or Freighter.

Vehicles can be locked to restrict their access.

Read the Vehicle Guide for more information.

Default Controls[edit | edit source]

  • WASD: Movement
  • Spacebar: Use handbrake
  • Q: Enter/Exit vehicle
  • W: Switch seat
  • Ctrl + 1/2/3/4: Switch to specific seat
  • Left Click: Use horn (if applicable)
  • Shift: Use boost (if applicable)
  • E: Interact (e.g. open a gate)
  • F: Toggle mode (if applicable)
  • L: Lock vehicle

List of Vehicle Types[edit | edit source]

This list of Vehicles splits them into groups based on where they are built.

Garage MapIconVehicle.png[edit | edit source]

Most land vehicles can be built at a Garage.

Shipyard MapIconShipyard.png[edit | edit source]

Ships can be built at a shipyard.

Static Base MapIconStaticBase3.pngMapIconRelicBase.png[edit | edit source]

Certain vehicles can only be built next to a Static Base or Relic Base.

World Spawned[edit | edit source]

Certain vehicles can't be built but instead spawn randomly in the world

Coast[edit | edit source]

Certain vehicles can only be built on beaches.

Relic vehicles[edit | edit source]

These vehicles are not standard and can't be acquired in most wars.

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