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Certain armored vehicles have subsystems that can be individually disabled when taking damage on specific locations. Shots deflected by Tank Armor cannot disable a subsystem. The crew of the vehicle will see particular icons in the top left of their screen when a specific subsystem is disabled.

Vehicle Subsystems Showcase.png

Fuel System[]

  • Location: Rear
  • Disable State: Ruptured Fuel Tank FuelTank Subsystem UI Icon.png
    • Causes fuel to drain at a very fast rate, even when not accelerating
    • A puddle of oil starts to form on the ground under the fuel system

Currently only Tanks have Fuel Subsystems that can be disabled.


  • Location: turret/top
  • Disable State: Disabled Turret Turret Subsystem UI Icon.png
    • Prevents turret from firing
    • Black smoke comes out of the turret

Machine guns do not count as turrets.

For vehicles with two turrets, each turret is independent and can be disabled separately.

Track System[]

  • Location: sides/tracks
  • Disabled State: Tracked Track Subsystem UI Icon.png
    • Movement speed and turn rate are significantly reduced
    • Tracks start wobbling whenever the vehicle tries to move

Tracks on the O'Brien v.121 Highlander aren't considered proper Track Systems and as such cannot be disabled.

Unarmored tracked vehicles also cannot get tracked.


The only way to repair a disabled subsystem is to fully repair the vehicle's health with a Hammer or at a Garage with Basic Materials.

Special Weapons[]

Certain weapons have higher chances of disabling particular subsystems: