Foxhole Wiki

Hello TurtleAndRabbit, I am a community admin and appreciate your work so far. I've seen you added some foxhole images and would like to let you know some things:

  1. Naming files: Please use the full names of maps instead of short cuts, because this will be easier for us to find files in the future. For example as "Farranac Coast" if you then add anything alse at the end like numbers, it would have been OK too. But even better would be if you use the Upload a new version of this file which you find under "File history" of each uploaded image.
  2. Wiki Licensing: I also recommend you to chose a Licensing/copyright notice on your uploaded images, additional to the summary/comment you provide of where you got the images from. Adding this can help wiki staff in the future if any problems occur with the owners. You can edit liscensing section for the uploaded images and add the I also recommending reading about the

    I realy don't want to scare you away with this, but instead help you understand the wiki better. Also check out or just write me on my talkpage/comments if you have any questions ;) --Nekron35 (talk) 11:50, 5 December 2019 (UTC)