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Hello Nextra: I would like to help organize the Foxhole wiki so that myself and others can more easily and intuitively find the information we are looking for.

I see that you reverted my categorization of the Salvage Mine page as a Resource. The Salvage Mine is a resource, as indicated by the "Resources" toggle on the Foxhole map.

Given that fact, what is your rationale for removing the Salvage Mine page from the "Resources" category?

- Osh24lager (talk) 13:10, 28 December 2020 (UTC)

Salvage Mine reverts[]

TL;DR: This whole thing is a huge misunderstanding based on terrible timing and edit mistakes, Osh24lager. Both pages now have both structures AND resources category tags.

I initially reverted your edit on Salvage Mine because you removed the Buildings category tag from the page, because mines are definitely a structure in the game. I used the undo button and didn't have any strong opinion on whether to add the resource tag to mines.

I then moved on to undo the same thing on Scrap Mine page. While I was doing it you readded your changes to Salvage Mine page, unbeknownst to me. I clicked the undo button for Scrap Mine page but because of the redirect it seems to have done an "undo" on the page it redirects to, that is... the Salvage Mine page. (or maybe I simply miscliked on the wrong line in the Recent Changes list, I can't be sure).

A few hours later, I went on to refactor the categories for structures, I properly added both Resources and the new World Structures category tags to both Salvage and Scrap Mine pages.

After a discussion on discord about whether deprecated pages should be included in various categories (e.g. Gun Nest showing up in the Defenses category), I decided to remove all the category tags (except the deprecated tag) from all deprecated pages to reduce clutter in the various structures category.

There the same issue occured, I thought I was editing the deprecated Scrap Mine page when I was actually removing all tags from the Salvage Mine page...

I discovered my latest mistake (and your message) just now, and I've fixed the issue. All resources mines have both relevant tags "World Structures" and "Resources".

Nextra123 (talk) 14:52, 28 December 2020 (UTC)