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Release Date: February 9, 2018

New Content

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • World Conquest Experimental Mode
  • Towns Halls and Outposts now provide map intelligence like Watch Towers
  • Resistance Camps have been removed
  • Construction Vehicles can now be built anywhere if no friendly Town Halls exit [Non World Conquest Only]
  • Tempest Island layout changes

Game Balance

  • Sticky Bomb can now be thrown
  • Sticky Bomb damage has been increased by 100%
  • Sticky Bomb is now stackable
  • Build kits are no longer necessary to build Howitzers or Light Tanks
  • Scouting no longer gives XP
  • Storm Rifle have improved accuracy

Other Changes

  • UI has been updated for improved clarity
  • Notification system has been updated so that multiple notifications can exist at a time
  • Server browser no longer shows player counts (but shows a volume qualifier instead)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed using Binoculars making you not hear local chat
  • Fixed ladders on Westgate
  • Fixed players failing to join the server after waiting in Queue
  • Bug with 'Not Allowed' prompt when trying to drop items
  • Can no longer shoot to destroy barbed wire
  • Barbed wire no longer blocks damage from explosions
  • Fixed seeing player silhouettes outside visibility radius at night when using the Binoculars
  • Upgrading walls no longer prevent attached gates from working
  • Grenade explosion decals no longer become attached to characters/vehicles
  • Fixed walking underwater in Deadlands
  • Female Character Model now casts helmet shadow
  • Fixed Invisible Collision on Endless Shore G5 keypad 2,5 and 6
  • Fixed players shooting through walls of an APC
  • Tempest Island stuck spot (SE bridge)
  • Binoculars no longer pickup enemy proximity chat over short range
  • No longer can stack build barbed wire
  • Fixed character slides deeper into water when standing in shallows, causing them to drown after some time
  • Fixed being able to build Foxholes on top of each other
  • Fixed Callahans Passage H10 mountain giving unfair advantage to snipers
  • Players can no longer walk on wall buildsites
  • Corrected Soldier Supply tooltip typo
  • Fixed Fuel node on Deadlands
  • Corrected construction tooltip on Workshop
  • Fixed getting stuck on the Warden side of lobby map
  • Fixed primary weapons being able to be equipped in Vehicles
  • Corrected Town Hall typo in construction prompt
  • Fixed not being to reload or exit howitzer after entering with Binoculars
  • Gunboat azimuth no longer goes past 360 degrees
  • Players can no longer build gate underwater in south river of Tempest Island
  • Fixed mountain climbing spot near Cragstown
  • Can no longer place buildings outside of the map borders to make them invulnerable
  • Fixed sulfur pile in ash step
  • Bridge build sites now have equal armor against small arms as the built bridges
  • Fixed being able to shoot around corners with the bayonet attached
  • Fixed map edge on Westgate
  • Russian chat no longer gets disabled after every log on

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