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Release Date: December 14, 2017
Release Date: December 14, 2017
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Release Date: December 14, 2017

New Content

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Map Intelligence
    • Scouted structures, vehicles, and infantry are now visible on player maps
    • Maps are time sensitive, meaning that target locations may be outdated depending on how recent the map was updated
    • Maps can be updated at Town Hall/Outpost or by equipping a Radio
  • Endless Shore
    • Revamped to include Draw Bridges, Shipyards, and some changes in layout
  • Fisherman's Row
    • Minor changes layout
  • Skirmish Mode Changes
    • 3x Technology Rate
    • 4 hour time limit is enforced
    • 3 end conditions: Victory, Defeat, or Stalemate (No victory after time limit ends)
    • Stalemate end condition can be manually triggered by a moderator on Campaign wars
  • New Gameplay Modifiers (Weekly War Games)
    • Encampment - Players can build Campsites, but not Outposts (Campsites act like a single player spawn point)
    • Stronghold - Town Halls are twice as resilient against all damage

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Dynamic Map Grid
    • Grid overlay on the map screen now represents consistent distances across all maps
    • Letters and Numbers now hug the viewport, making it easier to identify coordinates
    • Keypad system is used to represent sub-coordinates
    • Player coordinates can be retrieved by typing !coords
    • CTRL-LMB will insert map grid coordinates into text chat
  • Map UI improvements
    • Map centers on your player now when map is opened
    • Icons scaling is improved
  • Loading screens are now shown when transitioning to a server
  • War end screen now indicates if a surrender occurs
  • Surrender alert/notification is only shown to your team
  • Chinese has been added to regional text chat filters

Major Bug Fixes

  • Players will no longer get stuck in queues if they were in a queue during a war rollover
  • Mines can now be dismantled with a Wrench
  • Howitzer damage is now properly mitigated (75%) instead of passing right through armor
  • Draw Bridge material cost is now equivalent to normal bridges
  • Vehicles no longer get stuck on Heavy Gates when passing through them
  • Tanks no longer block damage from Green Ash
  • Using Binoculars no longers prevents local chat from working
  • Scrap nodes no longer interfere with aiming
  • Dropping no longer stops working sometimes after using a Town Hall
  • Shotgun can no longer be fired in quick succession when fully encumbered
  • Grenade Launcher can no longer be reloaded quickly while prone or crouched
  • Surrender timer no longer gets reset when rebuilding the last Town Hall
  • Player profiles (portrait, bio, etc) are no longer wiped in really rare cases
  • Training Grounds servers no longer post to #war-is-starting
  • Throwing a Grenade close to a hedgerow on Upper Heartlands no longer causes the Grenade to fly high
  • Players can no longer build structures clipping with certain collisions
  • Items no longer disappear from structure inventories in very rare cases
  • Players no longer get stuck in Component nodes when they are depleted or respawn
  • Field Artillery and FMG now have proper destroyed meshes
  • It's no longer difficult to climb ladders if the camera was rotated
  • Barbed Wire no longer blocks area damage
  • Map fixes

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