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Date: November 24, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-07-Release-Notes

New Content

  • New Map: Lobby World
    • A training area for new recruits to learn the game, veterans to practice, and all soldiers to hang out
    • Includes a training course (mini tutorial), artillery range, driving course, and more
    • Used as a waiting area in between wars to help with team balance
  • New World Structure: Draw Bridge (2 types)
    • Bridges that can be raised (allow water vehicles to pass through)
  • Visual Character Options

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Surrendering
    • Used to end wars that are in a state where it's near impossible for one team to come back
    • Players can now set a surrender flag (on F1 player screen) under certain conditions (enemy has claimed all Town Halls except one, enough time has passed)
    • If > 70% of players set their surrender flag, then the war ends with a defeat for the surrending faction
  • Water vehicles can now be repaired in water
  • Players can no longer walk on top of Heavy Gate or any wall structures
  • New "No HEs" game modifier that removes High Explosive grenades from the game

Other Changes

  • Landing Dock, Armory, Supply Station, Hospital, Workshop, Shipyard, and Vehicle Factory all now have visual damage states
  • Dialog prompting players to join the server queue has been removed
  • "Join Campaign" button added on Campaign screen (used to enter lobby)
  • HUD nofitication is shown when using the Manufacturing Plant when team balance boost is applied
  • #war-is-starting channel on Discord notifies players when a server has transitioned to a lobby (meaning a war is going to start soon)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Radio no longer occasionally stops working when driving a Truck
  • Vehicles no longer "float" after exiting the driver's seat (Edit: This is still happening in some cases. Sorry!)
  • Player will no longer be stuck in healing pose when using Medkit
  • Gun Turrets will no longer fire at players when they aren't visible yet to them
  • Barbed Wire and Sandbag Walls can now be repaired
  • Players can now shoot over Storage Boxes and Tunnel Networks
  • Moving the mouse wheel on the Mortar will no longer change the zoom amount on map screen
  • Foliage no longer blocks projectiles
  • Azimuth no longer disappears occasionally when using the Field Artillery
  • Blood FX is no longer visible through smoke
  • Barges are no longer stuck in a bad state after being loaded from a save game
  • Text chat window is no longer cut off in 4:3 aspect ratio
  • Grenades will no longer bounce off of an "invisible barrier" above Scrap nodes
  • Mouse sensitivity will no longer constantly reset to default
  • Players no longer immediately locked to a faction after joining a war (they now get the usual 5 minute grace period)
  • Players no longer see a purple screen when spawning in the wild on Fisherman's Row
  • Fixed various animation and FX issues with mounting Gunboat turrets
  • Driver of vehicle will no longer be charged for team killing if a player from the opposite faction uses a mounted weapon
  • Team killing now counts against Field Artillery users
  • Various map fixes

Known Issues

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