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Update 0.44 was released on June 8th, 2021.

New Content

  • T20 “Ixion” Tankette
    • Class: Tankette
    • Faction: Colonial
    • A bombastic variant of the T12 Tankette, the “Ixion” provides its crew with more support and a mounted Infantry Support Gun. Added weight from the armour results in reduced overall speed.
  • King Gallant MK-II
    • Class: Scout Tank
    • Faction: Warden
    • A heavily armoured variant of the King Spire, the Gallant MK-II boasts a weighty 30mm cannon at the cost of top speed.
  • 68-45 “Smelter” Heavy Field Gun
    • Class: Field Gun
    • Faction: Colonial
    • Armed with heavy anti-tank rounds, the Smelter is perfect for engaging enemy armour. The frontal blast shielding providers operators with ample cover in heated skirmishes.
  • Balfour Rampart 40mm
    • Class: Field Gun
    • Faction: Warden
    • The Rampart is a high-velocity, anti-armour field cannon capable of dealing devastating damage to all but the heaviest armoured vehicles while providing its crew with comprehensive ballistic shielding.

Gameplay Changes

  • Garrison Houses are no longer unlocked in the tech tree and now require an upgrade at the Town Hall.
  • Warden O’Brien V.101 Freeman armoured car max range increased from 30m to 35m.
  • Colonial Catara mo.II light machine gun now uses 12.7 ammo. Maximum ammo capacity reduced from 30 to 25.
  • Vehicles turn rate is now also compromised to a similar amount as acceleration when tracked.
  • 13.5mm has been renamed to 20mm.
  • Gameplay in a region that has suffered a crash will be briefly paused to allow players to rejoin.
  • Warden Scout Tanks and the T20 "Ixion" commander positions now serve double duty as gunner.
  • All Field Weapons, (except Field Artillery), health has been buffed.
  • Balfour Wolfhound 40mm and both factions Field Anti Tank weapons fire rates have been increased.
  • "The Pitch Gun" mc.V angle of fire reduced when fired from a vehicle.
  • Green ash throw range has been reduced.

Map Changes

  • Taswell Point’s Relic base in Westgate has been moved West and reduced in size to clarify ownership of Longstone’s Seaport. Taswell Point has been renamed Zeus’ Demise.
  • Ogmaran Seaport in The Moors has been relocated and an Observation Tower has been added.

Other Changes

  • Field Hospitals now appear on Map Intel as a unique icon
  • Upgraded networking backend to Steam Sockets for improved average latency and robustness.
  • Added support for Global Profiles, which shares player progress (rank, level) across all shards.
  • Improved the chance of successfully vaulting out of some trenches.
  • Greater ease of player movement in poorly aligned tier 3 trench connectors.
  • No man’s land post processing effect dialed down at night to allow players to see.
  • Improved ease of use when interacting with bridges from a boat, specifically the White Whale.
  • Attempting to submit a large item to a full box will now give the error message “Inventory full” instead of “Item has been submitted.”
  • Warden rifle the No.2 Loughcaster model has been updated.
  • Warden Drummond Spitfire 100D, Colonial R-9 “Speartip” escort, and 00MS “Stinger” weapon mounts have been updated to be faction specific.
  • New player GUI info has been updated to correctly reflect the current control scheme.
  • Regiments in the F1 Regional Players List have been separated from player names column into their own column.
  • 135 Nevile Anti-Tank Rifle renamed to 20 Nevile Anti-Tank Rifle
  • No 2. Loughcaster item icon updated.

Bug Fixes

  • Client can crash when picking up packaged vehicles.
  • Free flying spectator camera.
  • Emplacements can’t be deployed into trench emplacements that are connected to tier 3 trench connectors.
  • AI weapons don’t perform retaliatory fire at field weapons at night time.
  • Unauthorized players unpackaging crated reserve stockpile vehicles into the public stockpile.
  • Reservable assets in Shipping Containers can't be stockpiled into the public stockpile by using the submit driveway equipment button.
  • Vehicles destroying Fire Pits without actually running them over.
  • Warden White Ash anti-tank grenade poor hit registration on scout vehicles.
  • Tracked vehicles rotating into walls causing extreme changes to vehicle pitch.
  • Gates mysteriously appear to open all on their own.
  • Numerous holes under the map around trenches.
  • Vehicles getting stuck driving over destroyed trench connectors.
  • Factory orders that are set to squad output will vanish and lock the player out of the Factory if the squad disbands.
  • Safe House provisional garrison will not activate local defenses when enough players have their spawn set.
  • Cascader 873 and Fuscina pi.I burst fire weapons firing sideways if the player turns while shooting.
  • Infantry rapidly losing stamina while sprinting on road surfaces.
  • Vehicles on Barge decks slipping or rotating on their own.
  • HE grenades dealing less damage when hitting the top of a bunker compared to the front.
  • Bane 45 twitching when aiming from a trench.
  • Trench connectors texture stretching across an entire region.
  • F1 Players List has low FPS for large regiments.
  • Votekicks do not work on players changing region.
  • White Whale front is textured when under construction
  • Mass Production Factory typo.
  • Map Bugs
    • Umbral Wildwood: White Whale deploying directly onto the Seaport of Thunderfoot.
    • Oarbreaker Isles: island bushes flickering different shades of green.
    • Tempest Island: overlapping trees South of The Gale.
    • Heartlands: floating fence at Oleander Homestead.
    • Heartlands: fence tripping players at the front door of a Blemish Safe house.
    • The Linn of Mercy: cliff collision West of Outwich Ranch Safe House is larger than the cliff itself.
    • Traveling between regions near the bulwark puts the player on the wrong side of it.
    • Marban Hollow: Freighters getting stuck near The Curse

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