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release date December 17th, 2020.

Initial Release

New Content

  • New Vehicle: R-5b “Sisyphus” Hauler
    • Class: Truck
    • Faction: Colonial
    • This variation of the standard R-5 Hauler is fitted with an improved suspension and axle system resulting in better overall handling. However, these improvements may not hold up under severe weather conditions.
  • New Vehicle: UV-5c “Odyssey”
    • Class: Light Utility Vehicle
    • Faction: Colonial
    • This simple, modified Utility Vehicle is fitted with a reinforced hatch to provide one crew member with increased visibility for intense recon operations.
  • New Vehicle: Drummond Loscann 55c
    • Class: Light Utility Vehicle
    • Faction: Warden
    • This amphibious Light Utility Vehicle has been heavily modified to cross rivers and lakes with ease. Venturing out into the open sea is ill-advised, however.
  • New Vehicle: Balfour Wolfhound 40mm
    • Class: Field Cannon
    • Faction: Warden
    • This destructive short-ranged cannon is designed for direct engagement with enemy fortifications. The Wolfhound is fitted with reinforced shielding and a 40mm barrel.

New Features

  • New Bridge types have been added to the world
    • Double Bridge: This allows for two lanes of vehicle traffic.
    • Two Tier Bridge: This bridge has an infantry path on either side of the bridge.
    • Long Bridge: These bridges are designed to cover large gaps and are two lanes wide.
  • Carrying Wounded Players
    • Wounded live players can now be carried to safety by other players
    • The wounded timer is paused when a player is being carried
  • Map Layers
    • Different predefined world structure layouts can be specified now for different wars
  • Armour Penetration Bonuses
    • 40mm, 68mm, and 75mm have bonuses when hitting Tank Armour
    • More direct shots (orthogonal) have a higher chance to penetrate side/rear armour
    • Closer shots have a higher chance to penetrate side/rear armour

Gameplay Changes

  • Silverhand - turrets can now be disabled separately
  • Advanced Ammunition Factory has been removed from the game
    • Items previously producible here have been moved to the Factory
  • Player character falls down faster when walking off ledges (feels less floaty)
  • Slow Wounds functionality has been removed (replaced by Carrying Wounded Players)

Game Balance

  • HH-d "Peltast" cost increased from 55 to 70 Refined Materials
  • Niska Mk. 1 Gun Motor Carriage cost reduced from 75 to 60
  • RPG Shell chance to penetrate Tank Armour has been significantly increased
  • Sticky Bombs chance to penetrate Tank Armour has been significantly increased
  • AT Mine damage increased by 50% (to account for tank buffs)
  • High Explosive Grenade explosion radius reduced by 50%
  • High Explosive Grenade crate size reduced from 30 to 25
  • UV-05a “Argonaut” inventory increased to 7
  • Dunne Landrunner 12c inventory increased to 14
  • Dunne Leatherback 2a inventory increased to 14
  • Niska Mk. 2 Blinder off-road speed increased
  • H-10 "Pelekys" and Silverhand - Mk. IV reverse speed reduced slightly
  • All Light Tank classes (Except H-10 "Pelekys") have faster movement and more maneuverability
  • All tank disable thresholds reduced from 50% to 30% health
  • All tank damage bonuses to the side have been reduced by 33%
  • All tank Repair costs have been increased by ~15%
  • Bridge health has been increased
  • AT Garrison damage increased by 20% to account for increased tank durability
  • Offensive War Achievement requirement reduced from 70% to 65%
  • Fortified War Achievement requirement changed from 3 to 4 days

Map Changes

  • Heartlands
    • Much of the Bulwark has been repositioned towards the north of the map, cutting through Barronstown to the west and encompassing Greenfield Orchard in the east.
    • Barronstown has been renamed "The Breach"
  • Umbral Wildwood
    • Much of the Bulwark has been rerouted to west and north of the map, following alongside the "Great March" to the west side of The Gap,
    • Goldenroot Ranch has been converted into a Relic Base
    • Thunderfoot is now a town (includes a Seaport).
    • Thunder Row relic base has been retired.
  • Endless Shore
    • The north entrance to Saltbrook Channel has been narrowed into a mountainous passage.
    • An extra set of ramps have been added to the south entrance of Saltbrook Channel.
  • Farranac Coast
    • A new entrance has been added to the north entrance of Jade Cove.
  • Godcrofts
    • The easternmost landmass (including the town Promithiens) has been relocated to the center of the map, replacing the island crossroads.
    • The resource field on the "Thieves Den" island has been moved.
  • Fisherman's Row
    • Factory and Construction yard have been moved from Blackwell to Three Sisters
    • Storage Depot added to Blackwell.
  • Loch Mór
    • A seaport has been added to Feirmor.
  • Callahan's Passage
    • A seaport has been added to Lochan Berth
  • Marban Hollow
    • A seaport has been added to Marban Hollow
  • Mooring County
    • Beaches have been added along the coast

Other Changes

  • Intel text chat channel and tab has been added
  • Network replication algorithm has been improved so there is reduced pop-in and chance of objects originating from far away not being rendered
  • Field AT variants now animate when aiming
  • Vivox SDK updated (bug fixes for voice chat)

Bug Fixes

  • Sign Posts unintentionally consume Garrison Supplies
  • Playing the game at 4K resolution makes the in-game map lower resolution
  • Trench Bridge modification can be removed with a vehicle on it
  • Shadow sometimes flickers when camera rotates
  • Terrain can flicker when Bunker Corner structures are built in certain locations
  • Context menu appears under other UI elements when using an aspect ratio other than 16:9
  • Bridge build sites can be 'run over' by vehicles that are on the Bridge, causing the build site to immediately be destroyed
  • Construction Vehicle passenger seat equipped weapon is labelled differently
  • Players that fall through the landscape will fall indefinitely
  • Mass Production Factory orders can't be retrieved from a Static Crane under certain circumstances
  • Resource nodes continue to spawn indefinitely at fields even if a lot of existing small nodes exist
  • Unable to refuel from oil tanker while there are passengers in a vehicle
  • Certain Research Center regions show the incorrect faction visuals
  • The opacity of the panel that pops up when you gather scrap is opaque. Should match other tooltips
  • Tier 1 bunkers can be attached to Tier 3 Bunker Bases regardless of Bunker size restrictions
  • Hitting a tank with another tank (40mm shell) sometimes doesn't play FX
  • A vehicle that is bumped up from the Barge deck by another vehicle becomes separated from the Barge
  • Driving a Field Weapon off a cliff can cause it to become stuck
  • R-9 "Speartip" Escort gunner is missing a reload SFX
  • Silverhand doesn't leave tracks behind when it moves
  • A VCRUNTIME error occurs when trying to start the game for certain plalyers
  • Map bugs
    • Westgate: Duplicate Cattle March map marker exists
    • Godcrofts: Duplicate The Dice Road map marker exists
    • Fisherman's Row: The tide rolls onto the land in areas where the landscape dips too far
    • Linn of Mercy: Rocks in ulster falls are blocking one of the shipyard submission points
    • The Heartlands: Floating Props In Old Bulwark Location
    • Deadlands: Certain foliage is oversized
    • Other minor map bug fixes


  • Bug fixes
    • Bridge in Marban Hollow can't be accessed from water vehicles
    • 68MM Ammo Armour Penetration chance is much lower than it should be
    • Destroyed Bridges can be blocked from rebuilding under certain unexpected circumstances

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