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Release date: March 6, 2020 Bug Fixes

0.34 Initial Release

Release date: March 4, 2020

New Content

  • New Modular Structure: Bunker Base
    • A Forward Operating Base that's built directly into a Bunker network
    • Provides Infrastructure for nearby connected Bunker and Trench segments
  • New Modular Structure: Bunker Ramp
    • A ramp that enables access to underground Bunkers
  • New Bunker Modifications: Infrastructure Modifications (See Infrastructure System for details)
    • Infrastructure Mods are used to decorate and "tech up" your Bunker Bases
    • Infrastructure Mods can be removed only by the builder of the attached Bunker
    • Garrison Infrastructure Mods
      • Bunks
      • Lockers
      • Dish Wash Station
      • Latrine
      • Kitchen
      • Pantry
    • Command Infrastructure Mods
      • Workstation
      • Computer Module
      • Radio Station
      • Chalk Board
      • Strategic Map
  • New Structure: Buildable Sign Post
    • Allows players to leave messages behind in the world
    • Sign Posts can be up/down voted, which will increase/decrease their lifespans
    • The distance at which sign post messages appear is configurable in the Options menu

New Features

  • Infrastructure System
    • Bunker Bases have their own mini "tech" progression called Infrastructure that determines what Mods are available for nearby connected Bunker segments
    • There are two types of Infrastructure progressions, Garrison and Command
      • Infrastructure progresses at a rate that scales up with the number of nearby, connected Infrastructure Mods (at a diminishing rate)
      • E.g. Building Bunks and Lockers will speed up Garrison Infrastructure progression
    • Bunker Upgrades that are unlocked by Infrastructure are shown on Base map tooltips
    • Bunker Upgrades that require Infrastructure no longer depend on the Tech Tree
  • Region Zone Tooltips
    • Hovering over a region in the world map now shows information about that region
    • Facility Efficiency details are shown
  • Revamped Lore System
    • New user interface for displaying Lore that supports better formatting
    • Lore can now include sound and/or additional visuals
    • Lore content has been refreshed in many cases

Experimental Features

  • Squad Storage
    • Enables Squads to securely store Crates/Vehicles at Storage Depots
    • Capacity limited to 50 Crates / 3 Vehicles per Squad Member per Storage Depot
    • Squad Storage contents are transferred back to the public stockpile after ~50h
    • Submitting additional contents to Squad Storage at any time will extend storage time
    • Only Crates/Vehicles marked as Squad Storable can be submitted to Squad Storage
      • Newly produced Crates from Personal/Squad Factory orders are Squad Storable
      • Newly built Vehicle are Squad Storable
      • Crates/Vehicles submitted to a public stockpile are no longer Squad Storable
    • Squad stockpiles are shown in the map tooltip separate from the public stockpile
    • Squad stockpiles can be released to the public stockpile with an action button

Gameplay Changes

  • Bunker Garrisons (AI) no longer require power from Engine Rooms to activate
  • Facility Efficiency Changes
    • Facility Efficiency replenishment points occur 33% more frequently than before
    • Facility Efficiency replenishment points now occur at random instead of fixed times
  • Changes to support Squad Storage feature
    • Refinery orders can now be right clicked to access a context menu with the following:
      • Retrieve as Crates - Retrieves all the resources as Crates
      • Retrieve as Stacks - Performs the old RMB functionality of retrieving all
    • Material Crates can now be unpacked into item stacks at the Storage Depot
  • Refinery output is limited to a maximum of 10k Basic Materials or 5k for other Materials
  • Bunker Firing Ports can now be built facing an attached Trench

Map Updates

  • Heartlands
    • Bulwark (wall across Heartlands) has been completely redesigned
      • Complete visual overhaul
      • Players can now take up defensive positions along the wall

Game Balance

  • Storage Depots Crate limit increased from 100 to 1000 per Item type
  • Storage Depot Vehicle limit increased from 10 to 100 per Vehicle type
  • Civic Centers Upgrade Part requirement reduced from 50 to 10

Other Changes

  • Character Animations
    • Characters will now play idle animations on rare occasion
    • Various character animations have been updated/fixed
  • Visual and Sound FX
    • Updated structure destruction FX
    • Updated Howitzer firing SFX
    • Updated Pistol and Rifle SFX
    • Updated Storm Rifle SFX
  • Tier 2 Bunker visuals updated
  • New SFX/VFX are played when building a modification
  • Garrison Supply information on the Base screen has been moved to a new widget at the top
  • When attempting to transfer items from a Squad claimed vehicle, the Squad's name is now shown
  • Structure Build menu is now taller, no longer requiring vertical scrolling to see every structure

Bug Fixes

  • Driving over a Trench with a Landing APC can sometimes kill the passengers
  • Equipping certain items take longer than they should
  • Landscape holes are sometimes not removed during a rollover to Resistance/ Conquest
  • Mines on roads do not always appear to vehicles
  • Engine Rooms/Bunker Garrisons can't be placed too close to one another, even if separated by a Trench Connector
  • Trench Connector husks consume Garrison Supplies when they shouldn't
  • Foxholes firing at players can cause suppression through obstacles like walls
  • Visual damage states are not showing when a structure first enters visual range
  • When aiming inside a Bunker with your back against a wall and shooting out through a door, the aim line can get stuck on the wall
  • Tutorial 'Build' sign directs the player to build on an unbuildable surface
  • Relic Bases and Garrison houses no longer fire at Moderators with Moderator tags on
  • Containers on a Bridge float in the air after the bridge is destroyed
  • Map Bugs:
    • Great March: Structures can't be built in certain areas near the river on the west side
    • Deadlands: Bridge to abandoned ward is slightly raised so Motorcycles cannot cross
    • Farranac Coast, Jade Cove: AT turrets can be built floating over water in some areas
    • Oarbreaker: Forward Bases can't be built south of Skelter Course
    • Marban Hollow: There is a small landscape hole near the river in the north
    • Drowned Vale: wooden bridge causing vehicles to get stuck
    • Tempest Island: Rock inside the shipyard at The Iris

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