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Server Hotfix

Release date: February 7th, 2020

  • Bug fix: Player silhouettes not rendering when obstructed by camera
  • Bug fix: Some Sandbag structures aren't repairable
  • Bug fix: Umbral Wildwood map image artifacts removed
  • Bug fix: MG Garrison Tier 3 requires more than 1 connected Engine Room to activate
  • Bug fix: Landscape holes (caused by war rollover) resolved
  • Bug fix: Vehicles can drive into Tier 2 Trench Connectors and get stuck
  • Bug fix: Players can get stuck in a structure if they fail to exit the first time due to an obstruction
  • Bug fix: Neutral structures (i.e. Resource Mines) would always be considered in neutral/enemy territory resulting in an incorrect increase when submitting Upgrade Parts

0.33 Initial Release

Release date: February 6th, 2020

New Content

  • New Modular Structure: Trench Connector
    • A special Trench that automatically joins two nearby Trenches/Bunkers
    • Must be placed between the connection points of two Trenches/Bunkers
  • New Modular Structure: Howitzer Garrison
    • An entrenched Howitzer manned by stationed troops
    • Returns fire against targets that attack connected Bunkers
  • New Modular Structure: Machine Gun Garrison
    • An entrenched machine gun manned by stationed troops

New Features

  • New Facility: Storm Cannon - Advanced Rangefinder Facility
    • Extends the Storm Cannon range by 33%
    • Enables firing at targets in other regions
  • Dedicated Logistics text chat channel & tab is now available

Gameplay Changes

  • Facility Efficiency changes
    • Starting Territory affects efficiency
      • Reduces the effects of snowballing
    • Tooltip now shows the efficiency conversion rate and the factors that derive it
  • Starter Fuel
    • Vehicles built at the Vehicle Factory now start with 10% fuel
      • Reduces the chances of stalling the factory
    • “Low Fuel” warning is shown to help new players
  • Repairing structures built with Shovels cost BMats
    • Fixes exploit that allows Bunkers to be repaired without resources
    • Makes the cost of repairing anything (vehicles/all structures) consistent across the game
  • When a Refinery is destroyed, refined resources are no longer lost when rebuilt
  • Resource/Shipping containers are now prioritized over vehicles when submitting driveway equipment

Map Updates

  • New water visuals
  • Patchy grass will no longer block forts/causes fast decay
  • Weathered Expanse
    • Updated fog effects with improved visibility and visuals
    • All new environment walls (Weathering Halls) that allow for more player interactivity
  • Tempest Island
    • Main island reconstructed to fix landscape hole issues
    • The Iris made more suitable for water logistics
    • Some towns were relocated for game balance reasons
  • Godcrofts
    • Bridges replaced with Drawbridges freeing up waterways
    • Refinery in Promithiens switched with Factory in Axehead
      • This is to balance against Refinery/Factory locations in Fisherman's Row
  • Mooring County
    • Shipyard added to Ogmaran
    • Multiple landings added to the river

Game Balance

  • Light Machine Gun encumberance reduced by 10%
    • To be slightly lighter than the regular MG
  • Storm Rifle encumberance reduced by 25%.
    • To have a more competitive trade-off with the Light Machine Gun
  • Gunboat health increased by 10%
    • Gunboats are being destroyed too easily on average
  • Barge health decreased 10%.
    • Mitigate issue of Barges being used to blockade bridges, which isn't their intended purpose
  • Rifle Garrison (Tier 3) health increased by 12%
    • Makes it more consistent with the new MG Garrison
  • Landing APCs can now run over T2 Trenches
    • Makes it more consistent with other tracked vehicles in the game
  • AT Rifles can no longer be fired from a Barge

Other Changes

  • Updated descriptions of several Trench/Bunker structures
  • Global text chat mute
    • Any player can be muted by right clicking their name in the text chat window
  • ALL chat channel removed
  • Facility Efficiency details for the current region can be viewed by hovering over the Facility Efficiency icon on the "State of the War" widget on the map screen
    • Note: In the next update, this info can be viewed by hovering over a region in the map
  • Motorcycle is now easier to repair when standing on sloped landscapes
  • Tier 3 Garrison House AT shot SFX updated

Bug Fixes

  • Client can sometimes crash before executing a border travel
  • Screen can occassionally freeze after border travelling, locking input
  • Stockpile tooltip does not show sub-icon for Mortar/Artillery shell variants
  • Client can sometimes crash on exit
  • Certain structures can be built on top of trenches
  • Trenches/Bunkers can get destroyed when players are inside them
  • After a rollover into Resistance or Conquest, decayed/destroyed Trenches/Bunkers can leave behind holes
  • Player can abuse the faction lock timer to switch sides and spawn in behind enemy lines
  • Using a T1 Bunker section to repair T3 Bunker island is free (Basic Materials are now required)
  • Landing APCs can be placed ramp down on Barges, allowing illegal weapons to be fired from them
  • Barges in the home region (near water training area) can't be walked on
  • Dealing fall damage to yourself counts as team damage
  • Resource nodes sometimes exist without resources remaining
  • Disconnecting while traveling in water vehicles may result in the vehicle floating mid air
  • Players can use packaging to lift vehicles on top of structures
  • Spawning at a Home Base in another region with no Soldier Supplies is allowed if your Forward Base spawn has Soldier Supplies
  • Entering whisper mode and then border travelling causes player whisper chat text to be lost
  • Discord Rich Presence is broken for Loch Mor
  • Frontier Bases and Frontier Forward Bases can be built in illegal locations under certain circumstances
  • Players can fire certain weapons while mounted on a ladder
  • Facility can show 20/20 upgrade parts even when the Facility isn't fully upgraded yet (due to rounding up)
  • Landscape is inconsistent in some maps when it comes to enforcing road placement rules
  • Pre-placed vehicles can desync in home regions when moved significantly far away
  • Map Bugs
    • Linn of Mercy: There is a duplicate Relic Base at Hardline in Linn of Mercy
    • Callahan's Passage: Tall structures can't be built in northern area of the map
    • The Moors: Water volume is broken in some areas
    • Farranac Coast: Bone Haft Bridge has a hole beside it that players often get stuck in
    • Drowned Vale: There are a few areas near Wisps Warning that let structures be built under water
    • Viper Pit: Stone wall blocking Storage Depot

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