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Release date: December 11th, 2019

Trench & Bunker System[]

  • All new modular base building system has been added to the game!
  • New Item: Shovel
    • Use the shovel to dig under the landscape to produce trenches and bunkers
  • New Modular Structure: Rifle Garrison (Tiers 1-3)
    • An entrenched bunker manned by stationed troops armed with Rifles
  • New Modular Structure: AT Gun Garrison (Tiers 2-3)
    • An entrenched AT gun manned by stationed troops
  • New Modular Structure: Engine Room (Tier 3)
    • A engineering facility that provides power to Bunker structures using pipe connections
  • New Modular Structure: Storm Cannon (Tier 3)
    • An extreme range artillery capable of firing up to 750m away
    • Large aim deviation, but massive firepower
    • Requires Loading Chamber Facility
    • Requires multiple connected Engine Rooms to power
  • New Modification:
    • Trench Bridge - Allows vehicles to cross over this Trench
    • Trench Barbed Wire - Slows down enemy infantry invading this Trench
    • Underground Pipes - Provides power connections from Engine Rooms to Upgrades
    • Bunker Doorway - Provides entry to this Bunker
    • Bunker Firing Port - Allows infantry weapons to be fired from the safety of this Bunker
  • Bunker & Trench Mechanics
    • Bunker segments can be connected to form Bunkers of different shapes and sizes
    • Connected segments share one big health pool
    • Bunkers trade size for structural integrity that affects the overall durability of your creations
    • Upgrade your base through 3 tiers.
      • Tier 1 is produced with no cost of resources, but must be dug out with the shovel.
      • Any number of players can dig a single build site in parallel to get it done faster.
      • Tier 3 is very tough, but requires time for your concrete to 'settle'
    • Hold ALT to view pipes networks installed underneath Bunkers & Trench networks

Medic Expansion[]

  • New Vehicle: Ambulance
    • Used for transporting Critically Wounded Soldiers from the frontline to the Hospital or Field Hospital.
    • Stacks all medical equipment and supplies
  • New Structure: Hospital
    • When a player dies, there is a chance their body will convert to a Critically Wounded Soldier
    • Critically Wounded Soldiers can be placed into an Ambulance and delivered to a Hospital or Field Hospital in exchange for Soldier Supplies
    • Critically Wounded Soldiers delivered from the front can be recovered into Soldier Supplies
    • Provides 50 beds for recovering soldiers
  • New Structure: Field Hospital
    • Same as the Hospital, except buildable by players anywhere in the world
    • Provides 6 beds for recovering soldiers
  • New Item: Blood Plasma
    • New resource required to revive wounded players
    • Stackable in Ambulance only

Other New Content[]

New Features[]

  • New Large Item Class
    • Special items that must be carried over the player's shoulder
  • First-Aid kits, Grenades, Satchel Charges, and other equipped items are now visible on the character, making the usage of these items identifiable on the battlefield
  • The Home Regions have been redesigned with new visuals and layouts
    • More training areas for you to rehearse your operations, plan your fortresses, or practice your abilities.
    • Clearer tutorial signage and updated tool-tips for better new player experience
    • More areas to deploy to the war so you can avoid the crowds (but not the queue!)
  • The Wounded Player countdown timer has been increased to 30 seconds
    • Wounded Players can now press E to 'give up' after 10 seconds
  • Many weapons have redesigned SFX and VFX, including the SMG and MG
  • Relic Base
    • Old Bunkers left behind from past wars that act as world bases outside of towns
    • Provides all normal Base facilities and built in AI defenses and cover mounts
  • Suppression of AI defences now works
    • Shooting at AI defences suppresses them, which reduces their rate of fire
    • Structures have different thresholds for suppression

Gameplay Changes[]

  • Squad window can now be minimized
    • Squads are now sorted by online/offline status and online player count
    • Count shown beside Squad now reflects online players only
    • Offline Squads are now grayed out
    • Offline Squad members can now be kicked
    • Offline Squad leaders can now be reassigned
  • The production speed of all Resource Mines now scales with player population
  • Hammer now has an alternate fire mode (Press 'F') that is required to upgrade structures
    • Upgrade Mode also displays statistics for targeted structures like Health, Faction, etc
    • Upgrade Mode shows the original builder of a structure
  • Holding down the ALT key know reveals underground pipe networks
  • Barbed Wire collision has been changed so that slow movement is more consistent
  • Repairing any structure now takes Basic Materials (cost scales based on materials required to build structure)
  • First-Aid Kits now require bandages to be used as ammunition to heal
    • Bandages can still be used without a First-Aid Kit
    • Bandages have been made lighter by 90%, and their crate size increased to 80
  • Many maps have been altered to open up more viable building areas for Trenches/Bunkers
    • Significant changes in Sickle Hill (Farranac Coast) and Umbral Wildwood.

Game Balance[]

  • Component and Sulfur fields now spawn every ~6 hours instead of ~8, resulting in a 33% increase in resources overall
  • Sunken Pillboxes and Bunkers (Tier 4 walls) have been removed from the game
  • Light Tanks health increased by 20%, and their Petrol consumption rate reduced by 15%
  • Battle Tanks health increased by 10%.
  • Gun Nests damage mitigation against small arms & explosives significantly reduced
  • Gun Nest health increased slightly
  • Shotguns range reduced by 50%
  • Revolvers range reduced by 30%
  • Satchel Charge damage has been increased by 25%
  • Empty Trucks now travel 20% faster than Trucks that have a full inventory.
  • View distance for small arms and grenade weapons have been increased (consistent with the Rifle)
  • Rifle range has been reduced by 10%
  • Carbine range has been reduced by 7%
  • Storm Rifle range single shot mode has been reduced by 7%
  • Green Ash Howtizer Shells have been removed from the game for now
  • Armoured Cars can only run over light and not heavy structures

Other Changes[]

  • New lore has been added to the game. Happy Hunting!
  • Improved interior lighting for some structures
  • Rendering performance drastically when playing near a region border

Bug Fixes[]

  • Textures under trees flicker under certain circumstances
  • Aim line sometimes indicates a clear shot when in fact the shot is blocked
  • Firing at certain walls when a player is on the other side produces blood visuals
  • Client can crash on rare occasion after border traveling
  • Shrapnel Mortar Shell inconsistently hit infantry near impact point
  • Mortar Shell can be duplicated using the Emplacement House
  • Resources can be lost at the Refinery if transferring to a full vehicle using right click

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