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Date: August 30, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-03-Release-Notes

New Content

  • New Item: Anti-Tank Mines
  • New Ability: Slow Wounds
    • Aid critically wounded friendlies and keep them alive for a couple of more moments in battle (Ability is stackable)
    • Hold Left Mouse button when facing a critically wounded player to apply Slow Wounds effect

Gameplay Features & Changes

Other Changes

  • Server browser layout improvements
    • See Colonial & Warden victory record on each server
    • See Total enlistments on each server
  • Voice Chat Volume setting added
  • Language is now autoselected based on Windows region
  • Added Russia to server region filter
  • Spectator mode added for community servers (Experimental)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Rare server crash fixed
  • Players can no longer walk through/underneath water in certain parts of Deadlands

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