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Release date: April 24, 2019

New Content[]

  • New Relic Vehicle: Staff Car
    • Used by officers to reach the front line quickly and to deliver emergency supplies.
    • 2 seats, 10 Item Slots
    • Hold Sprint key to boost speed (i.e. like the Motorcycle)
  • New Structure: Supply Cache
    • An underground storage bunker used to preserve items for future conflicts.
    • Stores Crates that can persist to the next war
    • 15 slots that can only hold certain crates (not stackable)
    • Are built with Strong Materials are are only available during Resistance Phase
    • NOTE: Tempest Island may not be available in the next war, so avoid building Supply Caches there
  • New Item: Strong Materials
    • Durable materials that are used to build special structures that can persist to the next war.
    • Are added to the Stockpiles of Town Halls that are claimed from the enemy in Resistance Phase
    • Strong Materials are only added if a Town Hall has been held by an enemy for longer than an hour

Gameplay Changes[]

  • "Reduced Time" Win Condition (EXPERIMENTAL)
    • Small/Large Garrison Facility Upgrade Part Cost requirement reduced from 50/150 to 15/30 for Town Bases and from 25/50 to 10/20 for Forward Bases
    • Civic Center Facility Upgrade Part Cost requirement reduced from 350 to 20
  • Abandoned Barges that haven't been used in a very long time that aren't near any active players will be removed from the world (to prevent unintended Barge clutter along shores, etc)
  • Uprisings in Resistance Phase have been disabled for now
  • Relic Vehicle Husk spawn rates have been reduced for Buses and Trucks

Other Changes[]

  • New login experience on the main menu
    • New Lobby Screen
      • Integrated player profile
      • Basic war statistics are shown
      • Redesigned Faction select screen (that only appears once per war now)
      • Faction select screen is only shown once per war
  • Vehicle factory visuals have been updated
  • Event browser is no longer available
  • Sunlight visuals have been improved

Bug Fixes[]

  • Backing into a CV with a Half Track will cause it to move faster
  • L.U.V. collisions are incorrect
  • Concrete bridges have holes in their collisions, resulting in players falling through
  • Nearby Light Pillbox blocks Gun Turret targeting line of sight
  • Metal walls in the Home Region can be shot through
  • Westgate Keep starts destroyed when it should start built
  • Vehicle driver minimap appears distorted on some maps
  • Artillery shell impact disappears when elevation difference is too great
  • Firing at a garrisoned house window mounted by a player will occasionally show blood

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