Server Hotfix

  • Fixed an issue that caused the Armoured Car turret to not rotate

Client Hotfix

  • Fixed issue that caused location names on map to be buried under icons
  • Map tooltips are now explicitly disabled when viewed from the Home Region since this functionality currently does not work

0.22 Initial Release

Release date: February 20, 2019

Key Quality of Life Features

  • Logistics Map Tools
    • Hover over map objects to view critical contextual information that's useful for logistics
    • Mines / Factory
      • Shows size/capacity of order queue
      • Shows Facility progression
    • Refinery
      • Shows Facility progression
    • Base / Safe House
      • Shows quantities of top 27 stockpiled items
      • Shows critical base item quantities: S. Supplies, G. Supplies, Tech Parts
      • Shows Facility progression
    • Storage Facility
      • Shows quantities of top 27 stockpiled items
    • Vehicle Factory
      • Shows what Blueprints are available
  • Stockpile Log
    • Bases now have a log that shows all critical stockpile retrievals/submissions
    • Clicking on a log entry will open up a contextual menu that can allow you to perform various actions on the player associated with each transaction, including commending and/or reporting the player
  • Interaction Context Menu
    • Press 'Shift-E' brings up a menu that lets players select exactly which item/structure they want to interact with (the days of having to pick up multiple items just to keep one are over)
    • Hovering over objects in the context menu will display useful information like ammo count

Gameplay Changes and Features

  • "Capital City" experimental victory condition (World Conquest only)
    • Every region now has exactly 1 victory town that MUST be claimed to win the war
    • Civic Center facility is required to upgrade to Town Halls at victory towns
  • Motorboats can now be built on any region
  • When vehicles are destroyed, a trunk containing the items is dropped (instead of the items themselves being scattered on the ground)
  • Soldier Supplies are now produced in crates and are consumed from a base's stockpile instead of it's inventory
  • Vehicles can now only be wrenched by friendly players 5 minutes after the owner has exited it, reducing the chances of vehicles being stolen by griefing players
  • Farranac Coast, Deadlands, and Endless Shore have been updated with additional beaches and shallows to better support Motorboats
  • Barracks have been removed from the game
  • When cancelling a resource refinement order, the already refined materials are no longer reverted to raw resources and a partial amount is refunded if the player's inventory is full

Game Balance

  • Factory inventory size increased from 25 to 40
  • Ammo Factory inventory size increased from 15 to 25
  • Mine (all) inventory size increased from 15 to 25
  • Garrison Supplies now require a Tech Tree unlock (early)
  • Motorboat cost increased from 40 to 60 Basic Materials
  • Safe Houses no longer take friendly fire
  • Dropped Backpacks are now invincible
  • Upgrade Part encumbrance amount is significantly increased
  • Misc. map changes

Other Changes

  • Map screen images have been updated to show exactly where the border of the region is
  • Global operations - Players can now create world wide operations (example a global operation to help organize supply lines for logistics players)
  • Stockpile sorting - Items that have a quantity of 1 ore more appear at the top of the stockpile
  • Status icon is now shown on the HUD when you are in the bleeding state
  • When hovering over an item in your inventory, the loaded ammo count is displayed
  • All chat channel can now be muted from the chat options window
  • The Vote Kick button has been changed to a Report button
  • All accounts that are under a family share account will now be locked to the same faction
  • Map information widget (that appears on bottom left of screen) has been visually updated
  • Dropped Backpacks are now randomly rotated so they don't visually look repetitive
  • More server optimizations that will help improve stability and increase player count incrementally
  • Home regions designs have been slightly tweaked
  • Weapon restrictions will apply to a player that has past the threshold of allowed friendly fire damage, even if they do not actually destroy a vehicle or structure


  • Statistics like Casualty count are no longer cleared when game servers restart

Bug Fixes

  • FMG and field artillery can easily de-sync between players
  • Aiming with the howitzer is choppy instead of being smooth, making it difficult to target
  • Fast decay areas make it difficult to defend certain critical map
  • Hitting cancel on the refinery when there is more materials than can fit into the slots causes it to disappear
  • Cannot cancel an order of 75mm shells from the advanced ammo factory
  • Standing on items makes players visible within bushes
  • When dismounting a vehicle that is at an angle, the character is stuck leaning back in that angle
  • Unable to select 'Public' in the dropdown while creating orders at a Factory, if player previously unselected all the items
  • Players on motorcycle are sometimes invisible
  • Gunboat explosion animation is way smaller than the actual splash damage
  • Overly dark shadows are rendered in Ultra graphics settings
  • AT Mines are available in Skirmish mode Tech Tree even though they aren't part of the game
  • When spotting for a Rocket the siren at the townhall does not stop after the player dies
  • There is no tooltip shown for interacting with safehouse once inside it
  • "This structure does not take friendly fire" is displayed when firing at invulnerable enemy structures
  • Bunker icon in Tech Tree shows Fortress Wall icon instead
  • Motorboat is able to drive onto the Wooden Planks
  • Scorched structures map icons should appear red from all map interfaces
  • Opening map of a region you're not in allows you to use left mouse button in world

Map Bug Fixes (Rough Form)

  • Garrisoned buildings north of Plaza can't be built
  • Vehicles are not properly leaving offroad tracks on parts of Fisherman's Row
  • Ladder on Gallows Pier doesn't work
  • Safehouse in Iris is in range of the Sclera townhall
  • Climbing a mountain in Endless Shore at f4k7
  • Can get under the water in deadlands f7k8
  • Beaches on Westgate are not marked on map
  • Garrison houses in endless shore are outside the range of any townhall or safehouse
  • You can swim under the destroyed bridge in jade cove, making it impassible when destroyed
  • Safehouse in Iris is in range of the Sclera townhall
  • Active Colonial Pillbox at Warden Portbase in Oarbreaker
  • Traveling from the road at E16 Callahan's often places you off the road when arriving in Deadlands
  • Warden Home Island has caustics rendering on land
  • Traveling from B15k5 in Callahan's Passage to Deadlands, while in a vehicle, causes vehicle to disappear
  • Travel from Endless Shore to Deadlands at K11K9 puts you on a slope that will slide vehicles into the water
  • Section of road near Ogmaran in Mooring County (P2K1) is on the map but has been removed
  • Brackish bridge in endless shore cannot be navigated under with an APC when the bridge is either raised or lowered
  • Trees in the water on Oarbreaker I11k4
  • Odd piece of land poking out of the sea on Oarbreaker M9k5
  • Several border travel issues with Tempest Island

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