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Date: August 18, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-02-Release-Notes

New Content

  • New Item: Bayonet
    • A blade that fixes to the muzzle of a Rifle. Allows the wielder to perform a ranged melee attack

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Support for 140 players per server
  • Reviving a player now grants XP
  • Azimuth is now shown on HUD for Field Artillery drivers
  • Squad locks on enemy vehicles no longer prevent access of any kind
  • Squad locks on vehicles are automatically relinquished after 2 hours of inactivity

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Map playlists (servers rotate to a new map automatically)
  • Added button for searching for region specific servers
  • Initial support for localization to other languages
  • Server browser now sorts by type (community vs official servers)
  • Support for partial community servers
  • Prompt is shown before joining a server queue
  • Support changing 0.0.0.x version numbers in build without breaking compatibility with the server
  • Welcome message is now showed in chat window upon entering a server

Major Bug Fixes

  • Players no longer get stuck in Foxholes when they are upgraded or when their exit points are blocked
  • Tech Parts can no longer be gathered if inventory is full (for base resource)
  • Stockpile assembly no longer behave erratically under poor network conditions
    • Fixes issue that causes items to be lost when double clicking
    • Fixes exploit that allows items to be duplicated
  • Medical Lab near The Well on Endless Shore is now accessible with the Construction Vehicle
  • Factory order queue no longer gets stuck after the server recovers from an unexpected crash
  • Squad locks are properly restored after server recovers from an unexpected crash
  • War Correspondent now consistently reports the end result of a war
  • Back button is no longer stuck after dismissing the server password dialog pop-up
  • Shotgun equip animation is no longer excessively slow

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