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Release date: August 27, 2018

New Content

New Communication Tools

  • Operations
    • A new tool that allows players to form groups around objectives
    • Operations have a dedicated voice and text chat channel
    • Operations have a dedicated player list on the HUD
      • Right click on a name in the player list to bring up a context menu to mute players
    • Operations are cross region
  • New Voice Engine
    • Vivox is now the main engine used for voice chat (see their website for details)
    • Push G to talk to your Operation group
  • Text chat improvements
    • A new tab system has been introduced (Though it's currently only available for Operations. We hope to expose it further in the future!)
    • Scroll location stays in place even when a message comes in
    • Better use of colour to differentiate text chat channels
    • Text chat window visuals have been updated so it's clearer to tell when it has focus

Map Changes

  • Reaching Trail has been heavily redesigned
  • Mooring County has been heavily redesigned
  • Umbral Wildwood layout has been redesigned
  • East coast regions have been redesigned to include amphibious landing zones
  • Water travel between Deadlands and Farranac Coast / Endless Shore is now available
  • Resource Mines have been added to mainland World Conquest regions
  • Terra, Vulpine Watch, and the road between Iron's End and Spine have been moved so that they are further away from the region borders
  • Refinery has been moved from Thunderfoot to Stray in Umbral Wildwood
  • Ceo Highlands (in Westgate) has been modified so that it doesn't provide an unfair vantage point
  • More natural barriers added to region borders to prevent free access to partisans
  • Scrap and Sulfur field locations have changed through out the conquest mainland

Gameplay Features and Changes

  • Weapons Mechanics Revamp:
    • New Stability system: All weapons are more accurate when you wait for them to stabilize first (stability level indicated by how far apart the reticule lines are)
      • "Running and gunning" is much less effective now
      • Certain weapons take longer to stabilize after moving than others
      • Certain weapons take longer to stabilize after firing than others
    • Accuracy has been tweaked across all weapons
    • Weapon stability can be visualized when entering the shooting range in the Home Region
  • Camera now dynamically moves ahead for the driver of a vehicle, making it easier to avoid obstacles in front

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Other Changes
    • Network logic for player activities has been reworked for increased robustness
  • Reload bug has finally been fixed as a result of this change
  • "Mission Objectives" have been renamed to "Squad Markers"
  • Moderators will now have a unique name tag color in-game

Bug Fixes

  • Wind visual effect on foliage is stronger on medium/low settings and causes FPS drop
  • Foxhole is invisible from any angle when intersecting with grass
  • In Umbral Wildwood, northern border travel zone queues player for Heartlands instead of Endless Shore
  • Vehicle drivers can see players outside of vision zone during night time
  • Distorted sound effect plays loudly when traveling between regions
  • Commander can continue to fire Pistol after closing hatch on tank
  • Sometimes hits from Hammer / Sledgehammer won't register, skipping every other hit
  • Another player firing a shotgun launches your character backwards
  • Barge traveled onto land at the Gallows/Victa crossing
  • Players that load on your screen are given outlines through walls for a second
  • Stuck spot on the river in Deadlands F6K1
  • Players are able to repair defensive structures from inside Bunkers, Pillboxes, and Gunnests
  • Can keep stockpile UI open even after getting out of vehicle
  • Can get stuck in geometry behind the Victa hospital in Farranac Coast
  • AT Mines visually explode in the wrong location after running them over
  • Footprint trails appear on what should be hard / solid surfaces
  • Player can run while firing SMG
  • Oarbreaker road not properly reflected on map near The Report (G17k1)
  • Fixed floating tree on Warden Home Island
  • Leaving Skirmish doesn't reserve your spot when you reconnect immediately
  • No animation exists for equipping Bayonet while crouched
  • Barracks placed on slopes with the front facing into the cliff will spawn you under the ground
  • Cliffs and shore in Deadlands F7k8 have elements (trees, grass) floating above player
  • Players can launch themselves into the air using a gate and high latency
  • Player can move around with map open, after opening and closing chat with the map open
  • If Player mashes Q (enter) while repairing a vehicle, or structure which can be entered (ie; Pillbox), they will continue to repair while in the vehicle
  • Entering vehicles while prone does not unequip your current weapon
  • Ammo doesn't refill after reload animation plays back under high network latency conditions

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