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Release Date: June 14, 2018

New Content

  • New Vehicle: Cargo Ship
  • Redesigned Vehicle: Gunboat
    • New Warden variant model
    • Colonial model has been redesigned
    • Artillery and FMG turret locations have been reversed
    • Artillery and FMG mounted players are now inside the vehicle (and protected)
  • New World Structure: Forts
    • An ancient fort that has been repurposed into a remote operating base
  • New World Structure: Observation Tower
    • A tall lookout tower that provides map intelligence coverage over a very large area
  • New Conquest Map: Oarbreaker Isles
    • A new Conquest region designed specifically for amphibious warfare
  • Reaching Trail Expansion
    • Now supports 140 players
  • Great March Expansion
    • Now supports 140 players

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Water Mechanics Changes
    • Players can now border travel on water
    • Stamina drain while swimming has decreased by 45%
    • Stamina no longer drains in water if player isn't moving
    • Water vehicles can now be entered while swimming
    • Vehicles can now drift (move slowly) on water even when out of fuel or disabled
  • Key Skirmish changes
    • Skirmishes are unique in the world (no more multiple instances of the same map running at once)
    • Reaching Trail and Great March have been expanded to support 140 players
    • Victory condition is consistent with Conquest now (claim all victory towns and build them to tier 3)
    • 3 hour time limit has been removed
    • Tech Tree is more comprehensive and has more branching choices
    • Oarbreaker Isles will be compatible with Skirmish mode
  • Key Conquest changes
    • A specific number of victory towns are needed to win the Conquest, not all of them
    • Conquest can optionally be extended to include Oarbreaker Isles, Reaching Trail, and Great March
    • New regions can open up several days after the Conquest starts
    • Conquest mode will be exclusive while it is active (Skirmishes won't be available)
    • The Travel Screen has been updated with general improvements and to accommodate the new Conquest regions
    • The World Map screen has been updated for the new victory condition
  • Barge
    • Ramp can now lower on any shore (as oppose to just Shipyards and Docks)
    • Can only move when there are 6 or less players standing on it
    • Model has been redesigned to include extra space for the driver to exit
  • Landing APC
    • Can only move when there are 6 or less players standing on it
    • Players can no longer stand on the cabin
  • Medical Station (previously only at Port Bases) is now included outside of Port Bases on some maps (Oarbreaker Isles) and can be destroyed
  • Shipyards have been removed from Weathered Expanse, Endless Shore, and Umbral Wildwood. This is a temporary change that was done to focus amphibious landings on the west coast of the mainland first.

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Border travel now must be manually triggered by pressing 'E"
  • Redesigned Travel Screen
    • Now includes more information such as exact queue counts, contested areas, travel connections, and more
  • Redesigned World Map Screen
  • #war-is-starting channel for War Correspondent has been retired
  • "Need Help?" tool tips have been updated (and new ones added for Tech Center and Refinery)

Bug Fixes

  • Westgate minimap doesn't match road layout
  • Gate at Dredgefort (Umbral, P15) is permanently blocked
  • Field Artillery can't be unlocked with wrench right after it's been built at a vehicle factory
  • Colonial Bunker exists in Old Ismoth Warden Base (Mooring County)
  • Returning to Home Region while driving a Barge with a vehicle loaded despawns the vehicle
  • Returning to Home Region while driving a vehicle with a passenger causes the passenger to travel to another region
  • When logging off as a player on the platform of a Barge, offline "sleeping" character is left behind floating in mid air
  • Warden player intel renders behind other intel on the map screen
  • Backpacks don't drop onto the floor if you die on the second floor of a Garrisoned House
  • Foliage occlude player's vision when driving in vehicles
  • Invisible wall stops trucks in the road at H4 in Callahans passage
  • Chain link fences can't be shot through
  • Warden pillbox exists inside a refinery on Umbral Wildwood
  • Truck sometimes takes no damage from Pillboxes
  • Sandbags can be used to exploit scrapping nodes
  • If player switches from driver to passenger seat while waiting for travel, vehicle will disappear after traveling
  • Players can enter vehicles through walls
  • Open Gates interfere with aiming at targets with the tank
  • Garrison Supplies can't be removed from Port Bases
  • Player exiting a vehicle can sometimes get stuck in an object and forced to re-enter vehicle
  • You can walk inside a mountain mesh in Mooring County at J14
  • UI reports that it takes days to complete some Blueprints even though it's actually a lot sooner
  • Players spawning on top of an Outpost can be stuck in each other
  • Can place build sites from the back of a vehicle
  • Gunboat gets stuck at Shipyard at the Gallows on Westgate

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