Release Date: April 14, 2018

New Content

  • New Skirmish Map: Reaching Trail
    • A few miles north of Mooring County lies The Reaching Trail, a rural village that built up around a mountainous path between Callum's Cape and the Reaching River
    • This map heavily features Trench Warfare and a unique asymmetric layout
  • Garrison Supplies (Different Function From Previous Implementation)
    • Highest Tech Item (unlocked after Light Tank and Tunnel Network)
    • Stockpiling this item at a Base will allow it's Garrison Size to grow at an accelerated rate


  • Supply Drops
    • Players can now travel to neighboring regions at any location along the border, not just at roads
  • Players that die in a region with no Home Town must respawn at the Home Region
  • Campsites can now be built near a region border
    • Act as short term spawn points during incursions into a region
  • World Structure distribution has changed across the entire Conquest mainland
  • Field MGs now require Blueprints to produce
  • World Travel reliability has been improved
  • Lots of World Conquest bugs fixed!
  • Game Balance

One World Experience (V1)

  • Main mode of play no longer uses the server browser, as all players participate in the same persistent war
  • Players select their faction and then proceed to enter the world, starting at the Home Region
  • View the state of the persistent war using the War Tent in the Home Region
  • Travel to skirmish locations and the Conquest mainland from the World Travel Tent in the Home Region
  • Monument is built on Home Island after a War is over. 4 possible Monuments are awarded:
    • Bronze: Lost more Skirmishes AND Lost Conquest
    • Silver Standing: Won more Skirmishes AND Lost Conquest
    • Gold Standing: Lost more Skirmishes AND Won Conquest
    • Platinum Standing: Won more Skirmishes AND Won Conquest
  • View the results of the previous war, including your standing at the Monument

Gameplay Changes

  • Game balance, content, and mechanics have drastically changed (unified with new World Conquest gameplay)
    • For a summary of these changes, please read this overview.
  • New Skirmish Mode
    • Home Towns have been replaced by Port Bases (Invulnerable)
    • Item/Vehicle/Structure availability is now fixed instead of relying on Tech Levels
      • NOTE: In the future we hope to add back some form of progression or make this more dynamic
    • 3 hour time limit
    • New Win Condition: Hold Win Condition towns at the center of the map when the time limit is reached
  • Callahan's Passage has been temporarily repurposed as a Skirmish Map

Game Balance

  • Explosive Material Stockpile assembly time reduced by 66%
  • Explosive Material Stockpile assembly quantity increased from 5 to 10 (15 to 30 from Truck)
  • Refined Material Stockpile assembly time reduced by 33%
  • Basic Material Stockpile assembly time reduced by 25%
  • Decay times for some structures have increased by 10 to 30%
    • NOTE: We hope to revisit decay times again in the future if they continue to be an issue in Conquest
  • Tempest Island has an updated design, allowing for easier access to the center island
  • Howitzer requires CV to build
  • Howitzer basic material cost increased from 100 to 150
  • Note that other game balance changes exist as a result of unification with World Conquest gameplay

Other Changes

  • Most vehicles now have "roll" physics now (previously only Light Utility Vehicle and Light Tank had them)
  • Wars no longer end abruptly, but instead an animated Victory banner is shown and there is a post victory countdown sequence where players will still have control over their character (great for post war celebrations, photos, etc)
  • Notifications moved to new top-left corner notification list:
    • Commends
    • Setting a spawn point
    • "Joined squad"

Bug Fixes

  • Aiming model has been fixed so that aiming at crouched characters in the open is easier, but aiming at them behind cover is harder
  • Aiming at a location that is very close in some cases no longer results in shots in the upward direction
  • Hint display for using structures behave more consistently now
  • Vehicles no longer get stuck in an upwards pitched position
  • Destroyed vehicles and structures no longer drop items underneath the landscape (where they are unreachable)
  • CVs can now reach the high ground in Tempest Island to build the Garrisoned Houses
  • Player models no longer become visually tilted after exiting vehicles
  • Artillery craters no longer appear above the ground
  • Assembling Fuel from full Truck no longer results in many individual items being dropped on the ground
  • Fixed border issue in Deadlands
  • Fixed Half-Track getting stuck tilted and drifting
  • Fixed Weapon Factory blocking grenades
  • Fixed Half-Track having inconsistent ammo after server travel
  • Fixed not being able to shoot over the walls of the Warden APC
  • CV's can now build when previously driven by the other faction
  • Fixed getting stuck in wrecked Townhall after blueprint disappears

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