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Release Date: April 4, 2018

New Content

  • New Skirmish Map: Reaching Trail
    • A few miles north of Mooring County lies The Reaching Trail, a rural village that built up around a mountainous path between Callum's Cape and the Reaching River
    • This map heavily features Trench Warfare and a unique asymmetric layout
  • Garrison Supplies (Different Function From Previous Implementation)
    • Highest Tech Item (unlocked after Light Tank and Tunnel Network)
    • Stockpiling this item at a Base will allow it's Garrison Size to grow at an accelerated rate

Gameplay Changes

  • Supply Drops
    • Supply Drops containing weapons and equipment are earned at the end of each Skirmish
    • Size of Supply Drop determined by the outcome (win condition) of the skirmish and the number of players present at the end of the battle
    • Supply Drops are accumulated at the Shipping Facility on the Home Island and are shipped to the three Port Bases at the start of the Conquest and on a regular 8 hour interval afterwards
  • Skirmish Tech Trees
    • Skirmish maps now feature their own stand-alone Tech Trees that add a sense of progression and unpredictability
  • Skirmishes now have 5 possible outcomes:
    • Total Victory - Friendly side claimed all significant towns
    • Partial Victory - Friendly side claimed more significant towns than enemy
    • Total Defeat - Enemy claimed all significant towns
    • Partial Defeat - Enemy claimed more significant towns than friendly side
    • Stalemate - Friendly side and and enemy claimed an equal number of sigificant towns

Game Balance

  • Tech Part drop rate has been increased by 33%
  • Tech Tree has been adjusted so that most Items/Vehicles/Structures require more Tech Parts to be researched
  • Westgate: Win Condition Town has been moved from Lord's Mouth to Alchimio
  • Mortars no longer require Blueprints to produce

Other Changes

  • Skirmish Lobbies wait for enough players to join before starting to countdown (helps balance teams better)
  • Players can now play Skirmish battles while waiting in a Queue to enter Conquest
  • Travel reservation has been optimized to generally reduce wait times on Queues
  • Overall capacity of Conquest has been increased by 5-10%
  • Offline Characters (sleeping) will no longer be left behind on the Home Islands
  • Surrender mechanic is now enabled for Skirmish mode
  • Festival Game Modifier (enables some options for upcoming annual Foxhole Festival event)

Bug Fixes

  • Gun Turret no longer shoots through walls and other obstacles
  • Vehicle Blueprints can no longer be duplicated by destroying Build Sites
  • Client no longer crashes when pressing Q quickly while inside a vehicle
  • Bases can no longer be upgraded to T3 on rare occasion when they aren't in a significant town
  • Gunboats can no longer get onto land by region travelling from Farranac to neighbouring regions
  • Player is no longer stuck mid-air if player was mounted on a Howitzer when it was destroyed
  • Players can no longer carry 300+ Howitzer Shells without encumbrance by picking them up after a Howitzer is destroyed
  • Howitzer shots are no longer easily blocked by landscapes (making them hard to use against infantry)
  • When player has a stack of 100 equipped, equipping another item to that stack no longer causes you do lose the item
  • Vehicle no longer disappears when disconnecting from the Conquest servers in the middle of a travel
  • Travel screen Skirmish Pop up player population value is no longer incorreclty calculated at times
  • Fixed issue with passive defenses not getting connected by Bases when they are slightly far (but within range) of passive defenses
  • Client no longer crashes on rare occasion when selecting a faction
  • When Client version is mismatched with Server, "Lost Connection" error is no longer displayed
  • Skirmish instances that are running when Conquest isn't active no longer stall on occasion
  • Fixed rare Skirmish server crash
  • Grenade decals no longer get "attached" to players
  • It's no longer possible to add more than one mission objective to the map
  • Misc. map fixes

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