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Date: July 22, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-0034-Release-Notes

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Reworked resource gathering system (experimental)
    • The gathering speed of most resources increased significantly (e.g. Scrap is gathered at 300% rate)
    • Amount of resources per node has been increased (e.g. Scrap node has 100 instead of 14 Scrap)
    • Respawn time of nodes is now long (e.g. Scrap nodes respawn after 200 instead of 14 seconds)
    • Chance to yield Tech. Part increased by 200% to account for changes in gather speed
  • All vehicles can now be Squad claimed and have their inventory locked
  • Starter Town Halls have 2000 Basic Materials in their Stockpile

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Basic Player Profiles Framework (Bare bones feature for testing out networking back end)
    • Edit profiles from the Main Menu
    • See other player's profiles by clicking on names on the Player Screen
    • Pre-Alpha players will receive a Medal on their profile
  • Stockpile items have been reorganized so similar items are grouped together
  • HUD Fuel meter now represents total Fuel remaining, instead of what's remaining on the currently consumed Fuel item
  • Camera can now be rotated using < > keys while driving a vehicle

Major Bug Fixes

  • Squad members can now unlock Squad claimed Trucks
  • Fixed bug that causes ammo to sometimes not reload even though the animation plays
  • Rifle Ammo can no longer be used to load Frag Grenades into the Rifle Grenade Launcher from the Backpack
  • Text chat mute on the player screen now works again
  • Non Squad members can no longer lock/unlock claimed vehicles that are not locked
  • Server browser now properly reports "Day 1" instead of "Day 0" at certain times
  • Server no longer crashes occasionally when loading into a new war

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