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Date: June 23, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-0032-Release-Notes

New Content

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • New Spawn System
    • Three spawn options are now available:
      • Spawn At Home Town
        • The new default spawn option
        • Allows players to spawn at one designated Town Hall (starter town unless it gets destroyed)
        • If used to frequently by one side, players of that side must wait on a timer before using this
      • Spawn At Point
        • Assignable spawn point that works just like before
      • Spawn In The Wild
        • Only becomes available if Spawn At Home Town isn't possible
  • Players are no longer restricted from joining a faction that outnumbers the other by a significant amount
  • "Coalition" has been renamed to "Squad"
    • '/s' instead of '/c' is used to switch to the Squad chat channel
  • Rank requirement for creating a Squad has been reduced from WO2 to Cpl
  • Level cap raised to 25

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Campaign Metagame (Prototype Feature)
    • Certain wars are now marked as "Campaign" and are denoted with a "C" in the server browser
    • Campaign wars are also joinable from the Campaign screen
    • Campaign war victories count towards the metagame
    • Details on how the metagame works can be found on the Campaign screen
  • 80% of Technology Parts submitted a structure will persist after it is destroyed and rebuilt
  • Friendly players are reported to team members in chat when they destroy a World Structure
  • Build restrictions at the map border have been removed for non-conquest mode
  • Backpacks dropped from dead players now have faction specific visuals
  • Build sites will no longer prevent Resource nodes from spawning at a location
  • 'E' can now be used to close structure menus
  • "Spawn At Point" button is always shown now, even when no spawn point is set
  • Distance to nearest Tunnel Network is now shown over structure ghosts
  • New Callouts: "Cover Me" (HUD), "I Need A Ride" (HUD), and "Need Reinforcements" (Map)
  • "killed teammate" chat messages now show cause (weapon vs vehicle)
  • Weapon usage is now restricted automatically if friendly fire reaches extreme levels

Major Bug Fixes

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