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Date: June 9, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-0031-Release-Notes

New Content

Gameplay Features & Changes

Game Balance

  • Satchel Charge cost changed to 20 Basic Materials and 30 Explosive Materials
  • Sticky Bomb cost changed to 5 Basic Materials and 10 Explosive Materials
  • Rpg Ammo cost changed to 4 Basic Materials and 8 Explosive Materials
  • Mortar Ammo cost changed to 4 Basic Materials and 8 Explosive Materials
  • Field Artillery Ammo cost changed to 10 Basic Materials and 20 Explosive Materials
  • Howitzer Ammo cost changed to 6 Basic Materials and 6 Explosive Materials
  • Pillbox cost changed from 125 to 115 Basic Materials
  • Outpost cost increased from 350 to 450 Basic Materials
  • Frag Grenade damage radius increased by 22%
  • Mortar mininum ranged increased by 200% and maximum range increased by 30%
  • Mortar now requires Technology Level 3
  • Armory can now be upgraded to Technology Level 3
  • Hammer and Pistol can now be stockpiled
  • 50% reduction in chance to yield Technology Parts (previously only for event wars and conquest mode) is now in effect for all wars

Other Changes

  • Full visual refresh of character models
  • Full visual refresh of faction logos
  • Forward direction of Chainlink Fence build ghost is visually clearer
  • Players that are dealing an excessive amount of friendly damage are identified in the chat log

Major Bug Fixes

  • Offline character model no longer picks up decals like dirt paths
  • Night reflections now render properly
  • Fixed potential server crash when exiting vehicles
  • Keyboard bindings will no longer be broken for new key actions

Known Issues

  • Garrison Houses AI remains active even after being disconnected from a Tunnel Network
  • Sunken Pillbox will not acquire visible targets upon being connected to a Tunnel Network (target must leave visible area and return)
  • Faction icons are not updated on the player screen
  • Certain materials/textures may appear darker than normal due to a bug in our lighting pipeline

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