Foxhole Wiki

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Vehicles can now travel between regions in World Conquest mode
  • Manufacturing Plant can now be destroyed and rebuilt using Scrap
  • Manufacturing Plant, Medical Lab, Weapon Factory, Workshop, and Supply Station structures in non-starter towns start destroyed in contested regions in World Conquest mode
  • Players can now enter enemy overrun regions from the World Conquest screen if they have a spawn point set there
  • Early War Restrictions will now be enforced for the first 2 hours of World Conquest wars (temporary workaround)
    • No traveling between regions
    • Joining a faction that has more than 15 players than the other in the region will not be allowed
    • No building structures at far distances from friendly Town Halls (distance increased over the span of restriction period)

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • New text chat channel "World Team", allows players to communicate between regions in World Conquest mode
  • Persistent server policy
    • - Server browser servers will not be shut down until the next update is released (exceptional circumstances excluded)
  • World Conquest servers will no longer roll over into a new war after the current one ends
  • New Callouts:
    • "Help Me Build" (HUD)
    • "Materials Required" (MAP)
  • Vote Kick system changes
    • Vote kick reasons are now selected from a list of choices
    • Players will now enter a restricted state when vote kicked a certain number of times for a particular violation