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Date: May 12, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-0029-Release-Notes

New Content

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  • New Buildable Structure: Bunker
    • A heavily fortified defensive structure used to defend base perimeters
    • Built as an upgrade to the Fortress Wall
    • Requires two connected/adjacent Fortress Walls to build
  • New Item: High Explosive Grenade
    • A high explosive grenade that's effective against lightly armored structures and vehicles

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Grenade item has been renamed to Frag Grenade and has changed in function
    • Frag Grenade is now primarily effective against infantry, but not structures and vehicles
    • Blast radius has been increased by ~30%
    • Frag Grenade explosion now puts players into wounded state
  • Suppression
    • Foxholes, Pillboxes, and Bunkers can be suppressed by firing at it
    • Suppressed structures will have a reduced rate of fire (which can be reduced to zero for up to 5 seconds)
    • Some weapons are more effective than others at suppression
    • Garrison Houses are not affected by suppression
  • All bridges and Garrison Houses will be built in home regions
  • Mortar aiming is now done by adjusting Azimuth and Distance (via mouse wheel) values, rather than being "point and click"
  • Mortar accuracy increased by 50%
  • Technology Parts can now be stockpiled
  • Binoculars now shows Azimuth reading
  • Barracks spawn points are now cleared when leaving a region or server

Game Balance

  • Town Hall health increased by 20% (still destroyable with 3 Satchel Charges)
  • Mortar Shell encumbrance value increased by 100%
  • Pillbox Basic Material cost reduced from 150 to 125
  • Sticky bomb damage increased by 15%
  • Foxhole damage mitigation against small ballistics increased by 60%
  • Chance to yield Technology Parts from gathering Components increased by 33%
  • Heavy Machine Gun accuracy increased by ~5% and range increased by 7%
  • Starter towns are now stockpiled with 30 High Explosive Grenades and 10 Smoke Grenades
  • XP earned from ordering items slightly reduced for all items

Other Changes

  • World Conquest screen now shows players per faction for each region
  • Enemy players can now be muted
  • Ban time text formatting is more readable now(edited)
  • The respawn button the death screen now reads "Spawn at the border" if player is in an enemy overrun region

Major Bug Fixes

  • Travelling to another region in World Conquest mode no longer resets player health to full
  • Players no longer spawn at a random travel point after dying in an overrun region
  • Players will no longer spawn at an enemy Outpost after leaving one region and joining another via the World Conquest screen
  • Structure decay can no longer be reset by creating and collapsing an upgrade build site
  • Players no longer able to jump across bridges
  • Structures can no longer be built inside Vehicle Factory at White Chapel in Callahan's Passage

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