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Date: May 6, 2017

Blog link: World-Conquest-Trial-1

Gameplay Features Changes

  • World Conquest Mode (experimental)
  • A new way to play Foxhole that allows for hundreds of players to fight in a single unified war across multiple regions simultaneously (See Trial #1 Event section below for details on how to play this mode)
  • Chance to yield Tech Parts reduced by 33% when using a Hammer and by 50% when using a Sledge Hammer

Game Balance

Other Changes

  • Server optimizations
  • Coalitions and Spawn points are now saved on a per server basis (non-World Conquest) and won't be cleared when changing servers

Major Bug Fixes

  • Player no longer spawns under the landcape when they are connected to a server when a new war begins
  • The server browser now has a less likely chance to not see servers during the first refresh
  • Exiting a Motorcycle while it is still moving at a slow speed will no longer result in death
  • Vehicle Factory is no longer blocked from being rebuilt if a Vehicle Build Site existed when the structure was destroyed
  • Players are no able to "jump" across destroyed concrete bridges

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