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Date: Mar 17, 2017

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New Content

  • New Vehicle: Patrol Motorcycle
    • A Motorcycle and Sidecar used to patrol large areas
    • Press *shift* key to boost speed (consumes Fuel at a much faster rate)
  • Maps contain new environment content

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Town Hall Stockpiling
    • Items can now be stockpiled at the Town Hall in near unlimited quantities
    • Retrieving an item from the stockpile takes time
    • Stockpile persists through Town Hall destruction
  • Requisition system has been removed
  • Non-Coalition members can no longer transfer items from Coalition locked Barracks or Outposts
  • Soldier Supplies can no longer be removed from Barracks / Outposts

Game Balance

  • Binoculars is now equipped in the secondary item slot
  • Increased Town Hall health by 30%
  • Trucks now have 40% improved small ballistics mitigation, but require less damage to be disabled

Other Changes

  • War-Correspondent (Discord) now reports on all servers, not just the one's running Weekly Wars
  • War-Correspondent message formats have been condensed and now include additional details like town names and number of towns takens
  • Server browser now shows the Day number of wars
  • Whisper support in text chat
    • Whisper can be activated via the player screen or by typing in */w <name>*
    • Auto complete <name> by typing in */w <start of name>* and pressing *Up/Down*
    • Backspace to reply to last received whisper
    • *Tab* can be used to toggle to last whisper channel
  • Town Halls are now associated with area names (which are mentioned when Towns are taken / lost)
  • Server optimizations

Major Bug Fixes

  • Deadlands: Invisible blocking barrier has been removed
  • Half-Tracks can no longer be repaired from the inside
  • Satchel Charges now count as friendly fire
  • Reduce delay when transmitting local voice chat
  • Fixed bug that causes players to spawn into the ground if they were inside a Foxhole when they previously logged out
  • Fixed issue with players not being able to spawn after a war rollover
  • Fixed bug that causes players to get stuck when spawning at a Town Hall
  • Fixed bug that allows Pillbox to fire beyond it's intended firing angle
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