Update 0.0.24

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Date: March 3, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole-0024-Release-Notes

Update 0.0.24.png

New Content

  • New Map Region: Umbral Wildwood
    • A new area east of the Upper Heartlands, filled with forests and shallow rivers
  • New Structure: Barbed Wire
    • An obstacle used to slow down enemy infantry movement

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Dynamic Spawn System
    • "Wild" spawn points will now be dynamically placed
    • "Wild" spawn points will avoid enemy players, vehicles, structures, and walls
  • Faction locking will now be enforced during both weekly and non-weekly wars
  • Items will now scatter in front of a Town Hall when it is destroyed
  • Newly built Town Halls, Barracks, and Outposts will no longer contain any Soldier Supplies
  • Trucks can no longer be locked or Coalition claimed if there is a driver
  • Backpacks will despawn more quickly if they only contain starter kit items
  • Offline Character will only spawn if player has been logged in for longer than 3 minutes

Game Balance

  • Starting Town Halls will now contain 60 soldier supplies
  • Mines are no longer available (This is a temporary change. We hope to bring them back in the future)
  • Revolver range limit increased by 10% 

Other Changes

  • Player list can now be sorted by level, rank, name, and coalition
  • Daily vote kick limit increased to 3

Major Bug Fixes

  • Trucks will no longer "fly away" when exiting
  • Fix bug that allows players to join a Faction that is already at the 60 player limit
  • After a world restore post crash, Town Hall icons on the map will now match their faction
  • After a world restore post crash, players will now be able to access their locked trucks
  • If a wall upgrade build site is destroyed, the original wall no longer restores to full health
  • Players no longer fall through the landscape when exiting a Foxhole
  • Fixed several server side crashes
  • Fixed bug that prevents enemy truck build sites from being damaged
  • Fixed bug that causes player to sometimes spawn at enemy Town Halls/Barracks/Outposts

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