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Date: February 16, 2017

Blog link: Foxhole 0.0.23 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Item: Revolver
    • A high high recoil, high damage Revolver that is effective at short to medium range
  • New Item: Sledge Hammer
    • Used to gather Components (See Resource system changes below)
    • Gathers resources faster than Hammer
  • Chain Link Fence, Reinforced Wall, and Fortress Wall
    • All previous wall structures have been replaced with new versions
    • Higher tier walls (Reinforced and Fortress) are now upgraded from the lowest tier wall (Chain Walls)

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Structure Upgrading
    • Walls can now be upgraded by walking up to them and press 'E'
  • Resource system changes
    • There are now two types of salvage and materials in the game. Different items and structures require different types of materials.
    • Scrap gets salvaged into Basic Materials
    • Components get salvaged into Refined Materials (Higher chance to yield Tech Part vs Scrap)
  • Practice mode is removed from the game (Deadlands no longer has a restricted playable area)
  • All previously locations with one Armory now has two
  • Truck inventory can no longer be accessed by non-Coalition members when locked
  • Significantly decreased the chance of spawning in the wild at the same location twice in a row

Game Balance

  • Callahan's Passage has been redesigned
  • Storage Box capacity increased from 12 to 18 items
  • Fuel encumbrance decreased by 25%
  • Technology Part encumbrance decreased by 40%
  • Rifle accuracy improved when firing from crouched and prone positions
  • Outpost health reduced by 30%
  • Workshop Technology Level 2 requires 100 instead of 75 Tech Parts
  • Material cost changes
    • Storage Box: 10 Build Materials => 25 Basic Materials
    • Outpost: 450 Building Materials => 250 Refined Materials
    • Field Artillery: 120 Building Materials => 70 Refined Materials
    • Half-Track: 200 Building Materials => 100 Refined Materials
    • Gun Turret: 120 Building Materials => 70 Refined Materials

Other Changes

  • Many icons have been redesigned for improved clarify
  • HUD compass now shows N, E, S, W symbols
  • Added legend to map screen
  • Weekly War status is now shown on the in-game map
  • The countdown timer has been removed from the top of the HUD
  • War Correspondent now shows map name
  • Redesigned main menu (work in progress) with news feed
  • Typing Korean or Russian into the text chat window for the first time will now prompt the user with the text options
  • Add alert dialog showing "Code of Conduct"
  • Improvements to the vote kick system
  • Support for password protected servers

Major Bug Fixes

  • Mortar now deals consistent damage to bridges
  • Green Ash now kills offline characters
  • Wounded characters are no longer hard to target
  • Fixed rare server crash
  • Destroying a bridge with friendly players on it no longer counts as team kills

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