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Date: February 4, 2017

Blog link: [1]

New Content

  • New Map: Endless Shore
    • A new region to the east, this map contains many river channels and bridges, as well as a large coastal island

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Offline Character
    • Characters now remain in the world for 3 minutes after player has gone offline
    • Offline characters can be killed and looted
    • Players will spawn at the location of their offline character if it exists when logging in
  • Player inventory now persists between logins if certain conditions are met
  • Transport Truck and Half-Track now destroy sandbags when they collide with them
  • Improved field of fire on Half-Track so it's easier to aim at front facing targets
  • Additional Armory structures have been added to every map

Game Balance

  • Outpost now starts with 1 instead of 10 Solder Supplies
  • Smoke Grenade material cost reduced from 42 to 36
  • Vehicle Factory Tech Part requirement increased (Level 2 requires 300, Level 3 requires 150)
  • Workshop Tech Part requirement increased (Level 2 requires 75)

Other Changes

  • Map name is now displayed on the in-game map
  • Players now have proper animations when unequipping an item

Major Bug Fixes

  • Vehicles no longer drifts in an arbitrary direction when exiting
  • Vehicle Factory can no longer spawn two vehicle build sites on top of each other
  • Gun Turret no longer rotates in the less optimal direction when aiming at a target
  • Gun Turret animation is no longer jerky
  • Ground textures no longer render over weapons
  • Foxhole no longer tries to launch SteamVR on startup
  • Encumbrance value on ammo loaded weapons are now correct when weapon is placed into the backpack
  • Players that are unbanned by a game moderator properly have their vote kick counts reset
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