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Date: December 3, 2016

Blog link: Foxhole 0.0.17 Release Notes

New Content

  • New Map: Upper Heartlands
    • Please note that this map is heavily work in progress and will contain incomplete areas
  • New Buildable Structure: Barracks
    • Allows up to 5 players to use this as their spawn point
    • Access can be restricted to a Coalition

Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Coalition System
    • Players that are WO1 rank or higher can create a Coalition
    • Players must be invited to a Coalition to be a member
    • Members of a Coalition have a private chat channel and can share restricted access to the Storage Box and Barracks structures
    • Coalition Officers can invite or kick members

Other Changes

  • Spatial voice chat
    • Press T to talk
  • Ban times now escalate (1st kick = 1 hour, 2nd kick = 12 hours, 3rd kick = 72 hours)

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that allows players to build structures in illegal spots
  • Fixed bug that allows certain player actions (aiming/firing/etc) to continue after being woudned
  • Fixed bug that allows Field Artillery to be moved with one player (when other player disconnects)

Known Issues

  • Audio volume settings don't apply properly
  • Spatial voice chat audio can sometimes be choppy

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