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Date: November 19, 2016

Blog link: Foxhole 0.0.15 Release Notes

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Gameplay Features & Changes

  • Bleeding State
    • Players have a 50% chance to bleed when taking damage
    • Bleeding State can be removed by using bandages (self administered)
  • Wounded State
    • When player is killed by a small ballistics weapon, they have will go into the wounded state (See KNOWN ISSUES below)
    • Wounded players can be revived by another player using a Trauma Kit
    • If a player has been previously wounded and revived, they won't go into the wounded state again unless they are fully treated by a First Aid Kit

Other Changes

  • Faction flags on structures visually more clear
  • Server optimizations, reducing gameplay lag
  • Small adjustments to vote kick system

Major Bug Fixes

  • Fixed bug that causes stamina to drain even if the player has stopped sprinting due to a wall collision
  • Fixed bug that allows you to cross underneath the bridge close to the Tarshal Pathway
  • Fixed bug that causes camera to snap when entering a vehicle
  • Fixed several bugs related to character animation
  • Fixed bug that causes HUD to remain open after player dies

Known Issues

Sometimes players won't go into wounded state if they are busy with another activity such as deploying a Satchel Charge or Vaulting

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