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Uniforms allow the player to choose something to specialize in and get buffs to the role they chose to specialize in. Note: no matter what uniform you are wearing you are able to do any role, uniforms just give buffs. They do not prevent you from doing anything. Each different uniform type grants you buffs related to the role they are designed for. Each Faction has a different set of uniforms, with most of them being shared but having a few special ones each, unless otherwise specified both factions have access to that type of uniform. All uniforms cost 100 Basic Materials.png per crate of 20.


The in-game icons for Soldier Uniforms.

This is the default uniform, provided to the player at spawn. It allows for Light Kinetic Ammunition to stack, while also reducing the Encumbrance of Light Firearms. These uniforms have 8 inventory slots and do not provide protection against the weather.

This uniform cannot be manufactured.

Engineer UniformEngineerSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icons for Engineer Uniforms.

This type of uniform that reduces the amount of Encumbrance gained by carrying different refined Resources like Basic Materials and Refined Materials, it is available to both factions. These uniforms have 8 inventory slots and do not provide weather protection.

Medic UniformMedicSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icons for Medic Uniforms.

The Medic Uniform allows Bandages and Blood Plasma to stack. It also reduces the encumbrance of First Aid Kits and Trauma Kits. This type of uniform has 6 inventory slots and does not provide any weather protection, it does not reduce the Encumberance of carrying wounded players.

Scout UniformScoutSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icons for Scout Uniforms.

The Scout Uniform gives players a high chance of not being seen by enemy Map Intelligence structures per map ping. In addition, the Warden variation gives a small resistance to Snow Storms. It gives players using it 5 inventory slots but does not give any bonuses to stacking or encumbrance.

Tank UniformTankerSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icons for Tank Uniforms.

The Tank Uniform allows players wearing it to stack Gas Mask Filters in their inventory while also reducing the weight of Basic Materials in their inventory. It has 6 inventory slots, and does not give protection from the weather.

Snow UniformSnowSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icons for Snow Uniforms.

Both factions have a variant of the Snow Uniform, with the Wardens getting a version that provides strong protection against Snow Storms, while the Colonial version only provides light protection against Snow Storms. Both factions' versions allow Light Kinetic Ammunition to stack, but unlike the Soldier Uniform do not help with Light Weapon encumbrance. They give players 6 inventory slots.

Rain UniformRainSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icon for the Rain Uniform.

The Rain Uniform is exclusive to Colonials, and grants a large amount of protection from Rain Storms. It also, like Soldier Uniforms and Snow Uniforms, allows Light Kinetic Ammunition to stack, but similarly to the Snow Uniform does not help with encumbrance at all. It has 6 inventory slots and does not help with Snow Storms.

Grenade Uniform UniformGrenadeSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icon for the Grenade Uniform

The Grenade Uniform is exclusive to the Colonials and allows Grenades to stack while also reducing their Encumbrance. The Grenade Uniform has 6 inventory slots and does not provide any protection from the weather.

Heavy Ammo Uniform UniformHeavyAmmoSubIcon.png[]

The in-game icon for the Heavy Ammo Uniform.

The Heavy Ammo Uniform is exclusive to the Wardens and reduces the Encumbrance of Shells (33.3% reduction). This uniform has 8 inventory slots, it does not provide any protection from the weather.