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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.48.

This RPG-mounted Light Utility Vehicle provides a heavy-duty weapons platform with superior speed. Perfectly suited for assaulting enemy structures and vehicles, or supporting an armoured assault.
In-game description


The UV-24 "Icarus" is a colonial LUV equipped with a RPG. The vehicle's inventory slots are reserved for storing RPG ammo. It automatically gathers Map Intelligence on structures and vehicles within a 60m radius.


The Icarus has 3 seats: 1 driver, 1 passenger on the right, and 1 gunner at the back. The vehicle is open-top making the crew is vulnerable to thrown explosives and to small arms fire from the rear and from above. The gunner is in a standing position and can be shot from the front.

The side passenger cannot use their secondary equipment (Binoculars or Secondary Weapons).


The vehicle's 8 inventory slots can only be used to store RPGs (one per slot).


It is equipped with a mounted RPG at the rear. Although it has a different look it is identical to the warden Cutler Launcher 4. It can fire in a 30 degree angle (15 to both sides). Reloading the RPG directly takes shells from the inventory. If the crew is carrying additional shells on them, the vehicle packs some serious firepower.

The gunner must be extra careful when firing because the Icarus can actually shoot itself by firing downhill. If firing at a very close target the RPG's explosion can damage the vehicle as well.

To maximize the RPG's range you must aim at the top of your target, but if you are firing from a short distance you should aim at a vertical surface so the shell doesn't pass over the target. This is due to the RPG using a similar aiming as firearms, making you aim a bit above flat surfaces.

Health & Armor[]

The Icarus is the LUV with the most health but it is still unarmored. Combined with its low disable point (40%), it can soak a bit of small arms and shrapnel but far less than even an Armored Car. Heavy calibers, anti-tank Launchers and heavy explosives are a death sentence.

Like other LUVs, repairing the vehicle costs a lot of Basic Materials (150 to repair 100%), it is nearly on par with Tanks for repair costs.

Engine & Size[]

LUVs being the fastest off-road vehicle class, the Icarus is fast both on road and off-road. However due to its heavier weight it's the slowest LUV, which only means it can be overtaken off-road by Ambulances and Motorcycles. Combined with its low fuel consumption, the vehicle has great autonomy and range of action. The vehicle is highly maneuverable and agile.

The LUV can be packaged, forming a small Shippable that can be transported by Crane, Flatbed Truck, Freighter, or Barge. However due to its speed there's little reason to transport it that way.

It doesn't trigger anti-tank mines and can safely cross Field Bridges without damaging them too much. It is too small to cross Trenches. It can run over Sandbags and tier 1 walls but can't run over Barbed Wire Fences.


Its speed, autonomy and firepower make the Icarus a great vehicle for quick raids against enemy defenses and supply routes in back-line regions.

Although the vehicle can deal significant damage to enemy light armored vehicles, it isn't recommended to fight them, especially head on.

The effectiveness of the Icarus is multiplied when used in groups of 3, because it allows to kill all Pillbox types in one salvo and thus not having to fear the retaliating fire. Against light armored vehicles or even Scout Tanks, 3 Icarus can prevail if they use their mobility to flank.


The crew being vulnerable is the vehicle's greatest weakness, a single Grenade can kill the whole crew if caught off-guard. Anti-Tank Sticky Bomb and High Explosive Grenade are dangerous but less of an issue given the vehicle's mobility.

Because the passenger can't use binoculars from their seat, the Icarus has less spatial awareness than a Half-Track or Tank.