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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A mount point for deployable infantry weapons and equipment.
In-game description

A deployable Large Item that serves as a mount point to use tripod mounted weapons and items.


Press B to get in placement mode, rotate the tripod with RMB + mouse then press LMB on a valid location to start installing the tripod. If not in placement mode, press LMB or Shift+V to drop the tripod on the ground.

To uninstall the tripod press E to open the tripod menu and click the "Pack Up" button Pack Up UI Icon.png at the bottom. Once uninstalled the tripod is on the ground, press V to pick it up.

To install a mounted weapon or Listening Kit, equip it and press B then LMB on the deployed tripod.

Once a weapon is installed on top of the tripod, press Q while crouched to get on the tripod mounted weapon. The firing arc of the weapon is determined by the orientation of the tripod. You need to uninstall and reinstall the tripod if you want to change it.

Tripods can be deployed on nearly any terrain and on top of structures. They can't be deployed in knee-deep water, on top of field bridges, barbed wires, or AT mines, inside buildings, or in the no-build zone near region borders.

Deployed Tripod[]

The deployed tripod is invisible at night, just like infantry. It can also be hidden by being placed inside bushes, but is revealed to people within 10m. Only the firing effects of the mounted weapon (smoke and flashes from the barrel) will betray its presence. It is considered a structure and can decay over time. It takes damage from 12.7mm and heavy explosives. It's considered a neutral structure and can be stolen and reused by the enemy.

Deployed tripods can only be run over by APCs, Half-Tracks, and Tanks.

Unlike every other structure, the deployed tripod uses the damage behavior of light armored vehicles. It takes heavy damage from every anti-tank weaponry. It can be destroyed by a single 40mm shell, 68mm AT shell, AP⧸RPG, or ARC⧸RPG. It also dies to 2 30mm shells, 2 RPGs, or 4 shots of 20mm.

Tripod Mounted Items[]


  • Using a Motorcycle's inventory to transport a tripod and weapon while you carry the ammo in your backpack can make moving a tripod weapon much faster.
  • You can check the tripod's health with a hammer in "upgrade mode" (press F)
  • You can fully heal a tripod by simply uninstalling and reinstalling it.
  • Deployed tripod is the only structure with Fire Pit that can be damaged by Light Kinetic damage.