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A mount point for deployable infantry weapons and equipment.
In-game description

A mount point to use tripod mounted weapons. The tripod is a Large Item.

How To Use[]

Press B to get in placement mode, then press LMB on a valid location to start installing the tripod. If not in placement mode, press LMB to drop the bipod on the ground. Press E to uninstall the tripod, then E again to pick it up from the ground.

Once a weapon is installed on top of the trip, press Q while crouched to get on the tripod mounted weapon.

Deployed tripods can only be run over by APCs, Half-Tracks, and Tanks.

Tripods cannot be deployed in the no-build zone near region borders as they count as structures.

Deployed Tripod[]

Tripod Weapons List[]


  • Like other shoulder carried items, you will automatically drop the tripod if you try to swim with it. One consequence of this is that you won't be able to deploy tripod mounted weapons on the other side of destroyed bridges that can be crossed by infantry (your soldier has to swim across the tiny gap in the middle).