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An Trench variant with an octagonal shape that can serve as an emplacement for mannable defenses.


The Trench Emplacement is an octagonal trench that can serve as an emplacement for mannable defenses such as 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon , 12.7 Anti Infantry Flak Gun, or an emplaced artillery piece. When placed inside this structure, the mannable defences/artillery pieces get more health.


They are built and upgraded the same way as regular trenches. Dug with a Shovel, then upgraded with a Hammer and Basic Materials, then with Concrete Materials. However the costs are higher, Tier 2 costs 50 Basic Materials and Tier 3 costs 20 Concrete Materials.


Emplacement Trench can have the same trench add-ons as regular trenches except for Stairs and Bridges. The Barbed Wire and Sandbags add-ons only cover one side of the 8-sided trench. The add-ons cost the same as for regular trenches.