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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.46) of the game.

A dynamic Trench piece that can connect two individual entrenchments within a trench system.


The Trench connector is a special Trench that has an irregular shape. They can be connected to trenches, bunkers, or placed on their own. They come in three tiers.

Trench connectors can extend up to 7 meters from the center of the connection points. The connector connects on the same spots regular trenches and bunkers would snap.

The cost of the connector is not determined by its length; it is always the same cost. Because it spans less distance than a regular trench would, it is not cost-friendly to frequently use it in defense structures.

Trench connectors can be built on roads, to link trenches on the sides of the road, but it doesn't allow soldiers in the trench to pass under the road.


They are built and upgraded the same way as regular trenches, but placing the blueprint is different: you place the first end with LMB then move your cursor to choose the desired length, use RMB to change the angle of the trench end, and press LMB to place it.

Once the blueprint is placed, the trench connector is dug with a Shovel, then upgraded with a Hammer and Basic Materials to Tier 2, then with Concrete Materials for Tier 3. Due to the increased flexibility, upgrading costs more, with Tier 2 costing 75 Basic Materials.png and Tier 3 costing 30 Concrete Materials Icon.png.


Trench Connectors can have the same Trench Add-Ons as regular trenches except for Stairs and Bridges. The Barbed Wire and Sandbags add-ons cover the entire length of the trench rather than just a third of it. These add-ons cost the same as they do for regular trenches, despite this increased length.