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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.45) of the game.

A fortification built into the ground that can be extended or upgraded into other structures.
In-game description

The Trench is a playermade oblong hole in the ground. There are three tier of trenches; the first is dug with a Shovel, the second is upgraded via Basic Materials and the third tier costs Concrete Materials and a significant amount of time to cure. They also can be upgraded with a variety of add-ons. Trenches can be connected to the Bunker.


Trenches can be made by equipping a shovel and opening the build menu (default: B). You can rotate the trench with RMB. It can snap to other nearby trenches or bunkers to create longer pathways (hold Shift if you don't want your trench to snap). Trenches can either join up on their ends or in the middle. However, it should be noted that there are some restrictions on how they can be joined together.

Trenches can be upgraded with a Hammer, tier 2 requires Basic and tier 3 requires Concrete Materials. Add-ons can also be installed with the Hammer.

You can move, fight and build from inside the trench, although it blocks your ability to move to another trench when it is a blueprint.

Standard trenches cannot be built on roads, unlike trench connectors.

Upgrading Trenches[]

The hammer needs to be equipped to upgrade Trenches and the trench must be at full health. Switch your hammer to "Upgrade Mode" by pressing F, aim at the trench and press the "use" key (default keybind E) to open the trench's upgrade menu. The menu shows the add-ons and upgrade options. Select the upgrade and start hitting the blueprint with your hammer and with the necessary materials in your inventory. If the blueprint is shot before it is completed, it will turn back into the original trench.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
Required Tool: Shovel Hammer Hammer
Cost: N/A 30 Basic Materials.png 20 Concrete Materials Icon.png


Trenches can be upgraded with several add-ons simultaneously. To install add-ons, equip your hammer switch it to "Upgrade Mode" with F, aim at the trench and press E to open the trench's upgrade menu. Select an add-on and if you have the required materials in your inventory your character will do a short construction animation after which the add-on will appear.

Name Barbed Wire Sandbags Bridge Pipes Ramp Fill In
Image BarbedWireDay.png Sandbags.png TrenchBridgeIcon.png PipeIcon.png TrenchT1Ramp.png TrenchT2Ramp.pngTrenchT3Ramp.png TrenchFillInIcon.png
Cost 10 Basic Materials.png 10 Basic Materials.png 50 Basic Materials.png 30 Basic Materials.png 30 Basic Materials.png N/A
Description Slows down enemy infantry attempting to invade the Trench. A defensive barrier that hinders enemy movement and provides cover during combat Allows Vehicles to cross over the Trench. Provides power connections from Engine Rooms to Storm Cannons. Allows to exit trenches faster Fills in this trench, restoring the landscape around it.

Trench Variants[]

Trench Connector[]

The Trench connector is similar to the trench in function, but has an irregular shape. They can be used to connect two trenches, two bunkers or a trench and a bunker to each other where a normal trench cannot fit.

Trench connectors can extend up to 7 meters from the center of the connection points. The connector connects on the same spots regular trenches and bunkers would snap. The connector can only be build between two connection points of already finished constructions. If a trench adjacent to the connector gets destroyed and its husks decays, it is possible to construct a connector joined to a connector and new structure.

The cost of the connector is not determined by its length; it is always the same cost. Because it spans less distance than a regular trench would, it is not cost-friendly to frequently use it in defense structures.

The connector can be upgraded just like the regular trench. They can also be upgraded with pipes. However, other trench add-ons are not available for the trench connector.

Trench connectors can be built on roads, to link trenches on the sides of the road, but it doesn't allow soldiers in the trench to pass under the road.

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
TrenchConnectorT1Icon.png TrenchConnectorT2Icon.png TrenchConnectorT3Icon.png
Required tool: Shovel Hammer Hammer
Cost: N/A 75 Basic Materials.png 30 Concrete Materials Icon.png

Trench Emplacement[]

A trench variant with an octagonal shape that can serve as an emplacement for mannable defenses such as 68mm Anti-Tank Cannon , 12.7 Anti Infantry Flak Gun, or an emplaced artillery piece. When placed inside this structure, the mannable defences/artillery pieces get more health (can take more damage)

Tier 1 Tier 2 Tier 3
TrenchEmplacementT1Icon.png TrenchEmplacementT2Icon.png TrenchEmplacementT3Icon.png
Required tool: Shovel Hammer Hammer
Cost: N/A 50 Basic Materials.png 20 Concrete Materials Icon.png

Trench Husk[]

When a trench is destroyed, it leaves behind a husk. The trench can be rebuilt from the husk by using the hammer in upgrade mode and pressing E. This will replace the husk with a trench blueprint at the tier it used to have, for the cost of that tier (e.g. shoveling for Tier 1, Hammer and 30 bmats for Tier 2). All previously installed add-ons are lost and must be reinstalled after trench reconstruction, at normal cost.

The husk can also be destroyed with explosives, to make space for different structures for example. The trench husk has the same max health as the trench it comes from. Or you can wait for decay to destroy it. Husk decay cannot be prevented and is usually the same speed as the decay near region borders.


Tier 1 trenches (and other trench variants) without the bridge add-on can be destroyed with most land vehicles (except Bicycle and Motorcycle) by running over them . Similarly, Tier 2 trenches without bridge add-on can be destroyed by tracked vehicles (Landing APC, Half-Track, Light Tank, and Battle Tank).