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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

Used by medics to revive wounded soldiers.
In-game description


The Trauma Kit is a medical item used to revive downed soldiers.

It is held in the primary slot, and consumes Blood Plasma from your inventory.


  1. Equip the Trauma Kit
  2. Press and hold LMB to revive a soldier

The revive animation lasts 5 seconds, during which the medic cannot move.

Once the patient is out of critical condition their health is set to 1 HP, they must be treated with a First Aid Kit to restore their health fully.

Revived patients automatically stand up, making themselves vulnerable to any enemies nearby.

Blood Plasma[]

Blood Plasma are consumed by Trauma Kits as charges, each charge allows the Trauma Kit to revive one soldier. When the Trauma Kit is equipped one Blood Plasma is consumed from the player's inventory enabling a single use of the Trauma Kit.


  • Refer to this Medic Guide for additional information.
  • The reviving timer does not stack with other medics, you only need 1 medic per soldier.
  • If a soldier dies while you are reviving them the Trauma Kit will still use up the Blood Plasma.
  • Once you begin reviving a soldier you will be unable to move or use weapons until the treatment is complete.
  • Enemy soldiers can be revived.
  • Reviving a player now grants XP


Trauma Kits are obtained via production in a Factory.

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