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The Transport Bus, commonly called Bus, is a vehicle used to shuttle personnel to the front line. This variant is allegedly slightly slower than the regular trucks but holds up 12 players in total (including driver).


The Transport Bus is a large transport vehicle which is able to transport up to 12 soldiers (including driver). This makes it useful to transport large amount of soldiers to a front where there is no Forward Base with Soldier Supplies is nearby. It can also be used to relocate troops to a new operation quickly when there is no available spawn location.

The Transport Bus has compared to the Transport Truck more health before being disabled, but is slightly slower. However, they have the same amount of total health, and they consume fuel at the same rate.

Transport Buses are most often seen behind the front-lines. Some players set up so called 'bus stops' where players can wait to be transported to the front.

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  • The Warden Transport Bus appears to be based on the 1927 model Leyland Tiger, while its Colonial counterpart may draw inspiration from classic 1940s American school buses.
  • The Transport Bus has the most passenger slots of any vehicle.
  • Originally, the Transport Bus was a relic vehicle, but can now be constructed in the Garage by both factions.


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