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This article is considered accurate for the current version (0.48) of the game.

A Base located in all cities, towns, and some farms at predetermined locations (unlike Forward Base or Bunker Base). Players can deploy, respawn, and rearm there.


The Town Base is a World Base that is at the center of every town. It's often called "Town Hall". It comes in three models: "Town Center", "School", and "Post Office", each with its own size, layout and health. The building has a walkable interior where infantry can seek shelter, multiple doorways, opened windows, and reinforced windows.

The reinforced windows act as firing positions from which players can safely fire their equipped weapons. Only friendly soldiers can access them by pressing Q on the entry points (marked with a large "X"). Once the base has its garrison active, the windows will also automatically shoot at enemies. However they cannot fire at enemies that are inside the base. The garrison's activity is visualized on the reinforced windows by the size of the faction colored fabric under it.

large green/blue cloth under window = active AI , no cloth = no AI

The Town Base is protected by the Garrisoned Houses and Safe Houses that surround it.

Ownership of a town base determines the ownership of the Region Zone it's in, just like Relic Bases.

When a new war begins, base stockpiles start with Rifles, rifle ammo, HE grenades, Radios, Wrenches, Basic Materials, Diesel, and Soldier Supplies only.

Base Tiers[]

Like Garrisoned Houses the Town Base come in three tiers. Each tier increases the building's armor and at tier 3 the base's reinforced windows fire 20mm rounds at vehicles instead of 7.62mm rifle rounds. The materials covering the reinforced windows respresent the tier: Cloth for Tier 1, Wood for Tier 2, Metal for Tier 3.

Garrisoned House tier-showcase.png

On the map icon, the tier is represented by stars: MapIconTownBase.png

Construction & Upgrade[]

New town bases can't be built, but existing ones can be rebuilt with a Construction Vehicle and 200 Basic Materials when destroyed (which claims them for your faction).

The Construction Vehicle can upgrade a town base to tier 2 with 200 Basic Materials once it has unlocked the Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png upgrade. Tier 3 also costs 200 Basic Materials and requires the Large Garrison IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png upgrade.

Certain base upgrades of the Town Base are required to be able to rebuild various buildings in the town (factories, refineries, storage depots, seaports, Mortar Houses).

Town Base Upgrades[]

Provisional Garrison IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png

  • Connects the town base to nearby defensive structures (150m radius), activating their AI. Defensive structures will deactivate if player activity (set spawn) is too low (<10).
  • If the Town Base is a Victory Condition Town, getting this upgrade claims it towards the Victory Condition.

Small Garrison IconUpgradesSmallGarrison.png

  • Permanently connects the base to nearby defensive structures (150m radius), activating their AI.
  • Prevents nearby structure decay by consuming Garrison Supplies from the stockpile. Rate of consumption is 2 per hour per structure.
  • Required to upgrade the Base to Tier 2 (with a Construction Vehicle).

Large Garrison IconUpgradesLargeGarrison.png

  • Prevents nearby structure decay by consuming Garrison Supplies from the stockpile. Rate of consumption is 1 per hour per structure.
  • Required to upgrade Base to Tier 3 (with a Construction Vehicle).

Industry IconUpgradesIndustry.png

Occupied Town IconUpgradesOccupiedTown.png

Fortifications IconUpgradesFortifications.png

  • Enables additional town defenses to be built such as Mortar Houses.

Victory Condition Towns[]

Certain towns are "victory condition" towns, indicated on the map by a faint gray circle around the town's base Victory Condition Town.png. To win, a faction must upgrade a specific number of these towns with the Provisional Garrison IconUpgradesProvisionalGarrison.png upgrade. This number can be reduced if Victory Condition towns are permanently destroyed by rockets.