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This article could contain outdated information that is inaccurate for the current version (0.49) of the game. It was last updated for 0.46.

The bay region of Terminus is home to one of Veli’s most recently established cities, Therizó. The city sprouted up around the large swaths of farmland in the district. Originally constituting a small cluster of farmsteads, the little village expanded to accommodate the influx of farmers brought in to maintain the land. Known for being the birthplace of wildly successful warlord Thea Maro, it’s no surprise Therizó too became her grave.

A point of near-constant conflict between Caoiva and Veli, Therizó was given time to flourish during the Dead Years. Northern influence is apparent despite Thea’s repeated attempts to ensure the city maintained its cultural identity after decades of occupation. It was Thea, after all, who executed the Warden commander keeping the town under Caoivish control.

Maro, having been groomed from birth in the art of combat, trained peasants and farmers to launch an insurrection against the occupying force. A strange sight it must have been, a young girl teaching farmers how to fire a rifle or disarm a man. Unassuming and unexpected, the fledging leader and her crew engendered the trust of Warden command before carrying out a concerted strike upon the installed officials. Once the city had been liberated, the Colonial military reclaimed the town and awarded Thea with a pair of obsidian armillae before she’d officially taken up arms with the Republic.

There are questions as to why her father’s constituents trained Maro in secret and why they never removed her from the city, but had she not been there, it’s safe to assume Therizó would have become nothing more than another assimilated port town.

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Terminus is a map in the Southeast of the world with a single large port in the center of the map. It provides a land connection to The Fingers


The map of Terminus was added in Update 0.46 Entrenched.



Terminus features the port city of Therizó (mentioned previously in the lore around Smuggler's Fort), along with a large body of open water. The city features architecture different from the central and northern regions, having a more Mediterranean style.

Terraces east of Therizó

West of Therizó are a large layered terraces. These consists of flat ground with small stone ledges to the next level. These ledges can provide cover for armies advancing up-hill. No vehicle can climb the ledges. However, vehicles can drop down from a ledge, allowing a force moving down hill to do an all-out assault with armour. The terraces also features many bushes providing camouflage.

The area south and west of Therizó are open fields. In the southeast corner and along the east mainland coast are impassible rock formations.

Map Locations[]

  • Aspisa
  • Bay of the Ward
  • Bloody Palm Fort
  • Cerberus Wake
  • Dogbone
  • The Legion's Bounty
  • Martyr's Fang
  • The Phalanx
  • The Respite
  • Rising Loom
  • Sever
  • Therizó
  • Three Siblings
  • Thunder Plains
  • Thunderbolt
  • Warlord's Stead
  • Winding Bolas

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